No Comfort Zone: Week 22!

I did something really out of my comfort zone this week … I didn’t blog. There were a few times I sat at my computer and put my fingers to the keyboard but then pulled back and walked away. It was strange. I wanted to share and yet I also wanted a bit of silence.

I didn’t want my happiness tied up in the amount of posts I did or did not do. While I wasn’t posting I was taking pictures, fly-fishing, hiking, playing, walking, reading and living in every sense of the word.

The one thing I wasn’t doing this week was blogging. It really was hard. Blogging is something I enjoy – I love the ideas, the flow, the sharing and the engagement. It is fun for me. When it stops making me happy and turns into a job – then I close up the Inside Out Café, put the CLOSED on the door and turn out the lights.

That’s not going to happen today.

Instead, I’m going to continue to do things to take me out of my comfort zone because that’s where growth occurs.  I’ll keep you posted on my out of comfort zone progress.

As for staying happy –  you know that’s a big plus in my book! Below are some people who keep happiness high on their priority list. Talk to you soon!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands and Happiness
What Makes You Happy

25 thoughts on “No Comfort Zone: Week 22!

  1. Hi,
    It is always nice to have a bit of a break, and it sounds like you had some fun times in the activity’s that you did, good on you. 😀


  2. Blogging is addictive isn’t it? I think there’s a fine balance between blogging about life etc and having enough time to live enough to have anything to blog about 🙂


  3. I also think we need a break from our routine… a chance to see and take in new things…I will be going away for a few days next month and will probably not blog…Oh, yes!…I will truly miss it….but, will also gain some much needed break …maybe I’ll be more creative when I return to my writings…who knows?…~mkg


  4. I enjoy blogging as well, but there are other things in my life. I am learning to balance. And sometimes I just don’t have anything to say…at least not on a public forum 🙂 Sadly I don’t always keep up reading all my wonderful fellow bloggers. It is not that I don’t want to or don’t care, but as with actually posting myself, I am trying to balance my life with other things as well.


  5. It is addictive, Gilly and very time consuming… which is great if you have time to spare! I think I blog as a way to connect with my grandson for some date far into the future.


  6. Yes, Marilyn, I think that time away makes us more creative. Like on my morning walks – time away from the house, music, sounds, electronics, newspapers, tv, phones and etc. I hope that’s what happens to you too!


  7. Correct! Saying NO is out of my comfort zone and I am EVER SO SLOWLY learning how to do it. I think I say things like – “Thanks for the offer, I’ll have to get back to you…” That gives me time to think it through.


  8. Yes Ann, I agree that sometimes there is nothing of value to write about and why waste words on piddly stuff that is only there as filler?
    Balance is so healthy – thanks so much for the reminder!


  9. Week 22!!! My how the time flies!

    How well I–and perhaps we all–understand the motion of fingers to ketboard and….nothing. Sometimes, even for a writer the silence is golden. 😉


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