The fun thing about blogging…

The fun thing about blogging (for me) is visiting other blogs and reading comments and then visiting those blogs too. I’ve met some great writers, went on some excellent adventures, viewed amazing photos, read sweet poetry and listened to cool music. My world has opened up and it’s still growing and growing. Here are some of the places I’ve gone. Blogging is a great game of tag, isn’t it?

Poetry by Shawn Bird

New authors by Impower You

Sweet humor at Laughing Housewife

And so many more…

What blogs have you happened upon? Take a few minutes and share in my comments and in doing so they will get a bit more exposure!

Thanks to you and your friends ….and their friends ….and on and on!


12 thoughts on “The fun thing about blogging…

  1. Hi,
    I totally agree, the world opens up for you in the blogosphere, I have learned so much from the wonderful posts that I have read, been to some fantastic locations through peoples photos, and “met” some wonderful people from all over the world. 😀


  2. Hi Magsx2 – Finding new blogs is like going to the library for me and pulling a random book off the shelf. Some I adore, some I put back and some I just sit down right then and there and devour! You always have so many great videos on your site!

    It’s so cool!


  3. Oh my – there are so many that I had to stop keeping my paper list and just keep wondering and following those of interest and now I have found you 🙂


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