That No Comfort Zone Thingy (Week 13)

The last few weeks have been doing things out of my comfort zone as I embrace Lent.

I was raised Catholic and I went to a parochial school my entire school years. Yes, kindergarten through graduation … so I was a totally immersed catholic girl. (Though I’ve only entered holy doors for weddings and funerals these days!)

During Lent I always gave up something for Jesus.  Lent is begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter. As an adult, I still love this rit

Blue Mountain Vineyards, Berthoud Colorado  - Pinot Grigio wine
Blue Mountain Vineyards, Berthoud Colorado - Pinot Grigio wine

ual and think the time frame of 6 weeks is perfect to make a habit or break a habit.

For Lent this year, I went totally out of my comfort zone and gave up wine, toast and TV. The hardest of the 3 is toast. I begin my day with a slice or two of toasted bread. Hot tea and toast. It’s like brushing my teeth –you just do it.

Now, I have to find substitutes. Cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, eggs, fruit … it’s all good for me but it takes work. I want to be simple in the early morning but alas … where’s the challenge in that?

The other two are not as hard for me. I put the box of wine (yeah, really classy huh?) in the basement and only bring it out for book group gatherings. The easy part was always reaching in the fridge and filling my chilled glass with some nice cheap white zinfandel wine or opening up a ‘good’ bottle of Pinot Grigio or Riesling and savoring that for a few days. A glass in the evening is a nice way to end the day – but not anymore.

As for TV – I only break my fast on Sundays. I figure that since I make the rules, I can break the rules.

Marge and The Good Wife have a date every Sunday night.  Good Catholic Girl + The Good Wife… no surprise there, huh?!

9 thoughts on “That No Comfort Zone Thingy (Week 13)

  1. I like it – ‘since I make the rules, I can break the rules.’ I’ve said it on my blog, and it seems apparent for all of us who took on this challenge – stepping out of our comfort is often very close in our thoughts.

    Kudos to you for giving up the toast, especially. As a ‘hot cup of tea in the morning’ lover myself, I’m thankful you at least still have that. ; )

    LOVE The Good Wife! One of the greatest shows on television, if I may say so myself.

    Thanks for always sharing your true self, my friend. I admire your commitment to change and openness. xoxo


  2. Hi Jackie,
    Sometimes when I say or write things I look over my shoulder to make sure my mom isn’t really doing the writing/talking! But, truly, unless there is fun in the discomfort, then count me out!

    I enjoy your comments, your blog and the unfolding of your life – it gives me courage to speak my words too! – MargeKatherine-


  3. I stumbled in here and love your post on Lent. It is a good ritual and if you do it thoughtfully can show you some interesting things about yourself. A Protestant friend of mine tried the “giving up” practice by giving up dating, television, books, alcohol and sugar. She soon learned that why Catholics choose fewer things.

    Sunday isn’t part of Lent, really as that’s a day of celebrating so the Good Wife is A-Okay. I’m an avid fan too. Wonderful drama.


  4. Thanks for your comments about Lent. I never knew why Sunday was a ‘free’ day but I never questioned it either. I just figured that my mom was making up the rules as we went along! And yes, 2-3 things is the perfect amount for lent, diets, and other adventures!


  5. Sundays during Lent – our priest says they aren’t part of the fast because all Sundays are “little Easters”, and therefore festival days. Leaving Sundays out does make the count from Ash Wednesday to Easter work out to forty days – that always used to confuse me because it just wouldn’t come out right when I included the six Sundays.

    Meanwhile – I’ve got another “no comfort zone” post up at, about something that in its own way is kind of a Lenten situation.


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