Today I sat at a stop sign… waiting for it to change.
There used to be a stop light there (and was removed about 3 months ago).
Where was my mind during those minutes when the stop sign refused to turn green?
Climbing mountains, walking along beaches, reading a book?
A gentle beep reminded me that it was time to go…

8 thoughts on “Mindless

  1. Hi,
    You obviously had something on your mind. Maybe with the lights were there, you used to think about other things till they changed, old habits die hard. 🙂


  2. Reminds me of the journey – how often we sit at a stop sign waiting for it to change, for something outside of ourselves to give us permission to GO!

    I’ve been reading the Magdalene series (I may already have shared this with you, but it’s been ongoing for a few months and I’ve just loved it) by Kathleen McGowan. In the latest book, The Poet Prince, the focus is on the presence of the sacred during the time of the Renaissance and all the artwork there.

    As I’m reading the comments and feeling the different energies felt and shared by your post, it feels as though we each come here to view a piece of artwork and take away from it whatever truth and message resonates with who we are. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to connect with that inner voice. xoxo


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