We’re off to great places today!

You're off to great places today!Did you know Dr. Seuss had a birthday last week? To celebrate, let’s follow his suggestion and get moving — my mountain is waiting! The only thing missing from this quote is “Dear Marge …”

Off we go!

8 thoughts on “We’re off to great places today!

  1. Hi,
    A very uplifting quote.
    I wish I was off to great places today, it is a beautiful morning here (Just started Autumn here in OZ) and I could think of heaps of places I would like to go, but grocery shopping awaits. 🙂


  2. I think Dr Seuss could certainly find something fun to do in a grocery store!

    Ahh, autumn, my favorite time of the year! I hope you get out there soon and embrace it for the fleeting moment that it is!


  3. You’ve got it! I took my first few steps tonight — the first pages of my book are done in first draft, and it’s time for bed. But my head’s full of brains, and my shoes full of feet!


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