A moment in time …

Some of the best photos I have are those taken when I was engrossed in something else and the camera caught the real me…  unfolding, sharing, giving, caring. No waving to the camera, no smiles … just me. Or Us.

sisters sitting on a dock, engrossed in conversation

This photo was taken two years ago. I am the one with the blue shirt on talking to my older sister (Happy Birthday to you today!) The photo was taken by my brother who found the perfect moment to get us when we were at our best.

Those are the kinds of photos throughout the years that I treasure most. What I love about them is I go right back to that place in time and can remember the who, what, where and why (most of the time). Photos help me record my life, events, people and seasons. They help me reflect on where I am now… in relation to the photo in my hand.

My sister (the one in the photo above) has albums for all of us. All those photos I sent to her when my kids were growing up have been cataloged and kept. The cards, thank you notes and best wishes are in there too. The albums are records of my life. Like the photo being snapped from afar, these photo albums are collections good memories and bad, achievements, celebrations and milestones — many long forgotten.

Happy Birthday Sue!

10 thoughts on “A moment in time …

  1. We wish your sister a Happy Birthday. Sometimes it’s not the person you miss , It’s the feeling you had when you were with them. You can live life as many times as you want, with the ones you love the most by chronicling one’s life and looking back those beautiful moments. This gives sheer joy and tears in the eyes ♥♥♥. Celebrate life.


  2. Love the idea of the albums….made something similar for my parents several years ago and we do love to sit and look through it on occasion. Very much like remembering the sweet moments of our lives.

    Sending you love today, my friend…xoxo


  3. Your words made me smile because the photos evoke the feelings I had at that time. This photo reminded me of a quick vacation I had back east where I had one on one time with two sisters, one brother, one niece, one high school friend and a trip to the NY State Fair.

    When no emotions are evoked, they are just photos — ho hum!


  4. I keep asking and wondering what will our children have that is similar to photo albums? Ipods full of photos? They will suffice until the iPod is replaced by something better. I like the tactile nature of photos, pictures, albums and such. I like to print and look at my pictures. I think this is one place where the next generation is really at a disadvantage.

    Sending love to you on this glorious day Jackie!


  5. To my lovely sisters, Marge and Annie and all your friends who wished me a Happy Birthday, thank-you all very much! As it is my 60th Birthday, it is a milestone!!
    I like most of my photos to tell a story. This picture tells a wonderful story of 2 sisters, catching up on news of family, friends, summer days, light breezes and days gone by. Thomas caught it beautifully! It’s one of my favorites too!
    (As this is also one of my granson’s birthday also, I would like to wish Vinnie a Very Happy 5th B’day from gramma….
    Thank-you all again for your lovely birthday greetings and wishes…. Sue


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