Marching into March with Open Arms

March is here! Yippee!

The clocks will soon ‘Spring Ahead’ and we will begin a new season (at least mentally we will).

March calendar

The calendars are flipped over and a new scene faces me.

My Hawaii calendar reveals lava burning water, my Ireland calendar focuses on County Limerick, my gardening calendar displays bright yellow daffodils, my Nevada calendar shows Lake Tahoe and my NY calendar shows the Adirondacks and of course my Colorado calendar shows Rocky Mountains covered in snow.

As you may surmise, I love calendars. I love measuring time, day by day, week by week, month by month. I love flipping the page to something new and wonderful. That’s how I look at the month – something new and wonderful!

I won’t bother to ask how did March appear so quickly, instead I’ll invite you to tell me what you love most about this month. Is it the smell, additional sunlight, Lent  or St. Patrick’s Day, sprouts, winter skiing… what makes you smile when you think of March?

19 thoughts on “Marching into March with Open Arms

  1. Longer days, the buds on the trees slowly swelling and unfurling and giving us actual genuine leaves to look at, the first flowers (and next week the Philadelphia Flower Show, yay!)…what’s not to like about March?

    (BTW – did you mean Lent in your list of suggestions?? Advent is the four weeks before Christmas…never in March!)

    Anyhow, I am not a winter fan – I’m glad to see March because it means there’s very little winter can do to me until next November.


  2. Hi,
    The 1st day of March is the beginning of our Autumn, and officially at lest, the end of our hot summer. Of course it is still a bit hot, but the days are now getting shorter, the sun is no longer shinning at 5am , I noticed this morning it was still a bit dark, so a new season begins. 🙂


  3. coolfeline

    My calendar here is from Canadian Wildlife Foundation. This morning, I turned the leaf on it, and wouldn’t you know …. I saw a big Mallard 🙂

    Here in Saint John, it’s very much about St. Patrick’s Day, so a whole week is devoted to that.

    It won’t be long until we see the first crocus…

    Happy March to you!


  4. My brother, and it is his birthday month. I remember the day he was brought to us only a few days old. I loved him from the beginning.
    This month is special because I have my brother.


  5. As you are aware, March is the beginning of Green Beer on Tipperary Hill until St. Patrick’s Day. Which will bring our awesome St. Patrick’s day Parade. But every day without snow that much closer to Spring. Even though we have had a very mild winter compared to last year, we are just looking forward to what this new season is going to bring. Looking forward to the coming year.


  6. March is about re-birth for me, regeneration after the dormant winter (although in my part of England there hasn’t been much winter) and yes more daylight hours!


  7. Hi Ann!
    What a wonderful way to embrace March! I have 2 siblings with March birthdays and both of them live in Europe! The cards are in the mail, the love is in the air and like you, I am blessed to have them in my world!


  8. Isn’t it amazing how the US embraces St Patrick’s Day? Maybe it’s just a good reason to celebrate during Lent or maybe we just love wearing green and drinking beer and singing wonderful Irish tunes? Whatever, I feel close to my mom most at this time of year.


  9. Goodness, even they live far apart. I have been to Switzerland and it is beautiful.
    Where in Ireland does your sister live? I first lived in Dublin, then to Balbriggan when I married an Irishman…which did not last.


  10. I love March too. In like a Lion and out like a Lamb…Clovers, Corned Beef, Guiness, Crocuses, Daylight Savings Time, Spring birds come home…some many wonders to celebrate.


  11. Didn’t it happen upon us awfully quickly? Like, wasn’t it yesterday I was taking down my holiday lights? (Ok, that was actually this past Saturday but who’s counting?)

    I adore corned beef but only when someone else makes it – that way I don’t have a big pan full sitting around my house waiting for me to take ‘just one more bite…’!


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