A Quilted World

Nearby my office is an art show displaying quilts. The variety, colors, uniqueness and originality of each quilt is breathtaking.

And like quilts, each of us is unique, colorful, original and each comes with a variety of patterns, stories, history, and steps that make up the fabric of our lives. I believe we are all meant to shine but we don’t all get to have the spotlight on us. We go through our days dealing with our studies, illness, births, travels, and so much more.  We get in, do what we need to do, we smile, laugh, hope, dream and wish for a better day.

And as we do, the years pass. Look now and see that it is the end of February!

How did the month get by us so fast?

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16 thoughts on “A Quilted World

  1. Those quilts are just stunning….the originality in the use of color, design, texture is remarkable…and each one so different. Perhaps like you say….similar to all of us. When we take the time to listen and see the complexity, layers and lines in all of us, we can recognize the beauty and depth there too.


  2. Those quilts are beautiful, especially the one with the round design. Your story really flows well from the exhibit.

    Still though, I like Grandma’s quilts better with using the leftover from old clothes and doing it by hand. Not only were there memories stitched in there, but they were imperfect like the rest of us.


  3. I have a piecemeal quilt that was a gift long ago. It is used and loved. I also received a prayer quilt years ago and that was special in it’s own way. Each person of the congregation tied a knot in the quilt and said a prayer while doing so. Another quilt that I use and love!


  4. Thanks Ann. Years ago I purchased a quilt made by Mennonites. It is a lovely pattern and it’s soft and colorful. Like all my quilts, I use them, wash them and love them. I don’t believe it saving them for a ‘rainy day’ or for company. They make up the fabric of my household and I adore them all!


  5. what a beautiful display. I love to quilt and taught quilting for a number of years. Can you believe I pretty much gave as gifts everything I made and don’t have any to use or display in my home? I want to get back into quilting next winter. I think my blog community is like a patchwork quilt – an idea from this blog, a comment from that one, a beautiful picture over here, a word of encouragement over there, a challenge, a wish, a poem, and together it covers my world with beauty.


  6. Yes Joss, that’s it! Blogging add so many additional images, designs and patterns that were not there before! I am so much richer because of this online platform! Thanks so much for your comments!

    I know many quilters who make and give, make and give and keep nothing for themselves! Now with your nice clean room, the inspiration will soon be flooding your world again! And this time you will make something just for you – Imagine that!


  7. transplantednorth

    there is a qulter’s association in Rochester I should check out. Did you know that a recent newspaper article said people should hold onto old quilts for insulation materials?


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