So Sick and Tired (No Comfort Zone!)

Lemons, honey, brandy and hot water make the perfect headcold medicine!Take 1 three-year old and put him in day care (in this example, he goes only 1 day per week)…

This child has not been exposed to childhood germs, flues, viruses, infections… until he began attending day care (yes, only 1 day per week).

Within one week, this precious child gets sick. His mom and dad get sick. His grandma gets sick. And sadly, his Nana gets sick.

During week two, this child comes home with an ear infection but since his parents have never seen him sick with an ear infection they miss the signs – the tugging on his ear, the red cheeks, the crying jags.

During week three, he comes home with a cough that just won’t stop. Again, the family falls like dominoes. The cough  spreads and not only is the child building up an immunity, but so are the family members.

The Nana, so smug in her statement of “I never get sick” realizes her bottle of ginger brandy is almost gone. Her nightly medicinal mix of fresh squeezed lemon, honey, ginger brandy and hot water have kept her sane, assured her a good nights sleep and gave her a reason to have a nightly nip.

Her diet now consists of tea, ginger ale, hot toddies (yum) , chicken soup, lemon water and crackers. She is so ready to cease her cough and head out for a healthy walk.

She is totally out of her comfort zone and just wants to use her voice again, take walks, feel human. Simple things … But we all know that daycare week 4 is looming. What will the precious child bring home next?

19 thoughts on “So Sick and Tired (No Comfort Zone!)

  1. I keep saying … “tomorrow I’ll wake up feeling fine, healthy, refreshed and this will all be a memory.”

    Well, I have my voice back so I’m slowly creeping toward wellness again.


  2. You poor thing! (And poor little kid, who never went through all this before. And poor young parents. And poor all of you.) Hope he burns through all the current diseases quickly, so you can all get back to normal. Take care of yourself!


  3. How well I remember those days…when the little ones went to school (in our case) and had their first exposure to the germs. Ugh. It’s exhausting. Love your prescription of the honey, lemon juice, hot water and sometimes-addition-of brandy. My mom used that for all five of us growing up – and I’m 100% certain it has kept my daughter from having full on strep throat on MANY occasions. We still use it.

    Sending wishes for quick healing and strengthening of those immune cells! xoxo


  4. Taking care of you and all… Working in the school Library, I know your… eeer… germs?
    Home Remedies: Yes! Take 1 tsp. Apple Cider Vinegar and add it to a 4 oz. glass of water. Gargle in the back of your throat. When you get to the last mouthful, swallow it. Apple Cider Vinegar is a natural antiseptic, antibacterial, kills germs, in your mouth, throat and insides.
    Honey is excellent – we used to be “served” honey, lemon, a shot of whiskey in a small glass of warm water. Honey soothed the throat, lemon is also anti-bacterial , and the whiskey made us sleep.
    Last week a cold started to creep into my body. I took 1500mg of vitamin C at 11pm, again at 6 am. I thanked the germs for reminding me that I live in a human body, loved them, embraced them and asked them to please leave by 1 pm as I had something important to do. By 1:30 pm the sneezing, watery eyes, running nose left. My understanding is that one cannot OD on Vitamin C since the body eliminates what it doesn’t need or use.
    I am a Master Reiki Healer and used Reiki as well, and I still take 1500 mg of C daily, and double it when germs seem to be invading.
    It is a NoCZ thing for me to share this info – some believe I am quite mad… 🙂 but I’d rather you get out of your no comfort zone!
    Be well and pass the wellness on, with love!


  5. winsomebella

    I can so relate….except my granddaughter started three days a week at the age of six months. I think I was sick half of her first year there! Get well.


  6. This is the type of remedy I embrace. It’s hard to remember when you’re in the mist of it to increase vitamins. I adore the vinegar suggestion as well. As for thanking and appreciating and allowing — YES! Love it!


  7. Hi,
    I hope you start to feel better soon, and the rest of your family as well. It is just amazing what gems are so easily picked up, take care and hopefully you will back to your old self in no time.


  8. I know where you are coming from and I have sympathy for you and your precious little one. We all know how important socialization is for toddlers and older children. Hope you get well soon and rebuild that immune system real soon!

    My daughter and her husband came to stay with me for a while, they brought my grandbabies with them. One is three years old. We couldn’t put him headstart because of his birthday so my daughter found an alternative. It is called Play Date PDX. A grand place to be sure and there are usually 30 or more kids there daily. The first time we went I managed not to get sick but on the second visit I got sick. After 4 weeks of getting really bad then getting better I fianlly had to break down and go to the doctor. I hate antibiotics but there is only so much work I can miss. Now my partner is sick and I have been reinfected—dang it! Here’s to hoping I get over it sooner than 5 weeks. Oh well, I sure do love that kid!!

    Ta Ta for now, Cathy the Bagg Lady


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