No Comfort Zone in Step Motion

This week I plan to get take my hands of the keyboard, push away from my desk and find some stairs to walk.  I work in a building with 84 steps from my floor to the top of my building. Round trip is 168 step. So 3 flights = 504 stairs!

I'd much rather be on this beach in Cinnamon Bay than climbing stairs!
I'd much rather be back on this beach in Cinnamon Bay than climbing stairs!

How about 3 trips per day? Shall we?

Day 1 update: I did one flight up first thing in the morning and realized at 4:15 that I had better get moving and get my next 2 flights in. So I hauled my self out of my comfy work chair and trotted up the steps for a daily total of 504 stairs. The last landing is a burn zone for sure!

Day 2 update: The landing before the last 12 steps kills my thighs! Going down is easy enough but when I go back up — it’s that landing that does me in. Tuesday total 504 stairs. Yum!

Day 3 — I will let you know if the burn lessens today. And for the heck of it, I’ll do my 3 flights and add a building that has 5 floors. That should keep you in suspense! Until tomorrow…

9 thoughts on “No Comfort Zone in Step Motion

  1. Hurray on your stairs project – they get easier. When I first started just doing one flight made me want to throw-up. I don’t even think about throwing up until the 4th flight now.

    I had a little chuckle when you listed the number in your building. I know the number of steps in various buildings now when I go to meetings…


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