‘No Comfort Zone’ Jitters

Week 6 summary:

So, you remember all those things I said “No” to last month? Well, there are about 4 committees that I did not walk away from and am very much involved with to some degree.

Always remember you are braver than you believe...One of those obligations is where I serve as a co-chair on community service organization for my Rotary District.

This weekend I attended a day long “speed dating” event, where I talked about my committee, our objectives and plans in about 5 minutes.  Once I was finished, 3 others in my group talked about their committees and then we moved to the next table. There were 10 tables. It was a long day. Each time I sat down to give my talk, my body was in  electric-mode. It was the adrenaline taking over, getting me through the jitters and allowing me to deliver my information.

It was a day of being ‘on’ because even though I was saying this information over and over, it was new to each table I approached and I shared it was high energy and enthusiasm.

After it was over, I was spent.

I had nothing left to give, so I did the only thing I could to help recharge me. I soaked in the bathtub, with lights turned off, and let my shoulders drop.

I’ve come up with a new challenge for Week 7. No speed dating and no high energy talking but it will involve movement. More to follow …

——Odds and Ends Thoughts has joined the No Comfort Zone Weekly Challenge as well! Be sure to visit, read and then click on the Out of Comfort Zone page created just for this challenge! Welcome Cris!

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7 thoughts on “‘No Comfort Zone’ Jitters

  1. So glad you took part in some self care! I recently read about adding rice wine to the bath water will draw the toxins out. I just purchased a bottle with the intention of giving it a try.


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