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Week 9! No Comfort Zone Update

Ok, how did week 9 get here already? Did you know that we turn our clocks ahead on March 11? Like, isn’t that almost tomorrow?

Colorado has had very warm days with extremely high winds. No snow on the ground and the hint of spring in the air. The trouble is Colorado gets most of it’s snow accumulation in the months of March and April, so no matter how tempting the weather is, I’m not buying it!

This past week has been one of reining myself in an allowing time to heal from my cold and cough. I was out of work 2 days because I had a wicked cough and no voice. None. It’s back now but it gets raspy at the end of the day. Still recovering and giving myself that time and space to heal and not liking being out of my comfort zone.

Last week I made a phone call to a long lost relative who has turned away from the family. It was message number one. I think this week I’ll call again and leave the same message. Either he will answer and we will talk or he will make the decision to stay away. Either way, I’ll stretch my comfort zone until I’m standing on the outside looking back in.

I’ve got nothing to lose and maybe even something to gain. Life is too short to hold grudges, tune out family and use pride as a shield. Only love matters and he’s not letting it in.

Life is a Series of Steps: Measuring Time

It’s that TIME AGAIN

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A Quilted World

Nearby my office is an art show displaying quilts. The variety, colors, uniqueness and originality of each quilt is breathtaking.

And like quilts, each of us is unique, colorful, original and each comes with a variety of patterns, stories, history, and steps that make up the fabric of our lives. I believe we are all meant to shine but we don’t all get to have the spotlight on us. We go through our days dealing with our studies, illness, births, travels, and so much more.  We get in, do what we need to do, we smile, laugh, hope, dream and wish for a better day.

And as we do, the years pass. Look now and see that it is the end of February!

How did the month get by us so fast?

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Another year, another Lent!
Lots of movement this year! More water, less tv and many more books! What’s not to love?

Happily ... after retirement

As a Catholic child, Lent was a time of year to ‘give up’ something. During the 40 weekdays from Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday, we were taught to give up or abstain from worldly pleasures. Now, worldly pleasures for a small kid in a big family is an ambiguous term. So we gave up something we cherished. Again, living in a home with limited treats, no desserts and no allowance, my worldly pleasures were already few. I remember one year I gave up chewing gum and candy and fighting with my siblings. Another time I gave up candy… not too difficult when there’s none in the house.

In my adult years, I’ve embraced Lent as my 6 week New Year’s Resolution. I can do anything for 6 weeks, can’t you?

During Lent, I find ways to improve things about me. Here’s my plan for this year:

  • Steps. Increase steps to…

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iPods and Isolation

Sitting in a waiting room today, I looked around and realized there was no conversation going on. Across the entire room I counted 17 people. They were all engaged with hand held devices. The handful of children were clustered around their parent’s devices.

Nobody was reading a magazine or newspaper. Nobody was talking. It was eerie. A room full of people and no eye contact, no converEnglish: The iPod family with, from the left t...sation, no engagement.

It was spooky.

What happened to parents reading stories to children, knitting, writing, reading or talking to each other to to strangers? As our technology gets more savvy, we lose a bit more of our humanity. As technology upgrades year after year, our children lose out on some of the sweetest things of all – playtime, puzzles, socialization, and interaction.
A solitary game of Angry Birds replaces Tic-Tac-Toe. A word game of Words with Friends replaces a family playing Scrabble, Boggle or Hangman. Technology isn’t bad but when it takes the place of connecting, socializing and engaging with the people around you then it has overstepped it’s usefullness.
The end.

No Comfort Zone (Week 8!)

It’s time to point the finger again and direct your attention to yet another blogger who’s accepted the NO Comfort Zone Weekly Challenge and jumped in with 2 tasks that took her out of her everyday ho-hum comfort zone and put her in a place where she rarely visits. Take a few minutes and visit Judith at Diabetic Redemption.

And Cris at Odd and Ends Thoughts has joined as well.

Before you head back to your comfy chair, click and read about Carol’s huge leap into a place she didn’t even plan to go.  A baby step for some, a giant step for her! Way to go Carol at Quillfyre!

As for me, I changed the password on my iPod. Think about it. Every time I turn it on, I enter the old password. Simple changes keep my brain cells popping!

So Sick and Tired (No Comfort Zone!)

Lemons, honey, brandy and hot water make the perfect headcold medicine!Take 1 three-year old and put him in day care (in this example, he goes only 1 day per week)…

This child has not been exposed to childhood germs, flues, viruses, infections… until he began attending day care (yes, only 1 day per week).

Within one week, this precious child gets sick. His mom and dad get sick. His grandma gets sick. And sadly, his Nana gets sick.

During week two, this child comes home with an ear infection but since his parents have never seen him sick with an ear infection they miss the signs – the tugging on his ear, the red cheeks, the crying jags.

During week three, he comes home with a cough that just won’t stop. Again, the family falls like dominoes. The cough  spreads and not only is the child building up an immunity, but so are the family members.

The Nana, so smug in her statement of “I never get sick” realizes her bottle of ginger brandy is almost gone. Her nightly medicinal mix of fresh squeezed lemon, honey, ginger brandy and hot water have kept her sane, assured her a good nights sleep and gave her a reason to have a nightly nip.

Her diet now consists of tea, ginger ale, hot toddies (yum) , chicken soup, lemon water and crackers. She is so ready to cease her cough and head out for a healthy walk.

She is totally out of her comfort zone and just wants to use her voice again, take walks, feel human. Simple things … But we all know that daycare week 4 is looming. What will the precious child bring home next?

Gorillas visit a Uganda village

Oh my …this 5 minute video shows a family of gorillas who visit a village in Uganda.  The silence, grace, unity and harmony of it is awesome.
No hurries, no worries… just a stroll into a nearby village.

You can feel the love and amazement of the cameraman who becomes part of the adventure. And the respect and awareness of those filming the visit was beautiful.
The gorillas only visit the village a few times a year and it happened on the last day of their stay … oh my, what a glorious morning it was for all of them. And now for us!

May you see the beauty around you on this glorious day!

No Comfort Zone in Step Motion

This week I plan to get take my hands of the keyboard, push away from my desk and find some stairs to walk.  I work in a building with 84 steps from my floor to the top of my building. Round trip is 168 step. So 3 flights = 504 stairs!

I'd much rather be on this beach in Cinnamon Bay than climbing stairs!
I'd much rather be back on this beach in Cinnamon Bay than climbing stairs!

How about 3 trips per day? Shall we?

Day 1 update: I did one flight up first thing in the morning and realized at 4:15 that I had better get moving and get my next 2 flights in. So I hauled my self out of my comfy work chair and trotted up the steps for a daily total of 504 stairs. The last landing is a burn zone for sure!

Day 2 update: The landing before the last 12 steps kills my thighs! Going down is easy enough but when I go back up — it’s that landing that does me in. Tuesday total 504 stairs. Yum!

Day 3 — I will let you know if the burn lessens today. And for the heck of it, I’ll do my 3 flights and add a building that has 5 floors. That should keep you in suspense! Until tomorrow…

Valentine’s Day Love Poem

Happy  Valentines Day
A Love Poem

Turn and smile
Reach with fingers spread wide
Give with ease
Take with appreciation
Do it always