Growth, Freedom and Fresh Air (NoCZ-12)

What I love most about the No Comfort Zone Challenge is the week long duration. Each week I begin with something different and if I like what I did last week I find a way to incorporate into my life. And if I don’t like it, well, it’s only a week, right?

You cant start the next chapter of your life if you kee re-reading the last one ...

I had no idea that spending time in my basement away from my regular routine would lead to hot baths, quiet mornings and a more organized basement!

Last week, I challenged myself to read a book out of my comfort zone and … and boy oh boy did I pick a doozy.  The nonfiction book called The Imperial Life in the Emerald City is an expose about the misadventures of the US occupation in Iraq after Saddam’s fall. As I read, my heart dropped and my disgust grew. The arrogance and deceit were evident everywhere you looked. My heart hurt to read it. So, good-bye book… I gave it a good try (6+ Chapters) but the leadership, greed and disregard for the citizens was too demoralizing.

A second book I have open and am reading is called The Happiness Project and it’s a study about …yes, you got it right — Happiness. Talk about two sides of a coin! Whew…

This week will be 30 minutes walking per day – outside. NO treadmill, track or elliptical machine. Out in the fresh air under the sky I love so much. I’ll let you know how it goes.

What do you plan to do?

11 thoughts on “Growth, Freedom and Fresh Air (NoCZ-12)

  1. Getting back to a space I love so much….quiet time in the morning before the house wakes up. Two days in and I’m remembering the sacredness of it. My days begin on a different note. More later in the week….

    Love that you just chose to stop reading that book. I could feel the unpleasantness seeping in even as I read your words…and felt within myself that I’m not sure I could read a book like that. Kudos to you for understanding who you are and what is right for YOU.

    Sending love…xoxo


  2. Great choice – I used to have a rule that once I started a book I had to finish it. Now that I am older I am much more cautious about what I allow into my brain. Hurray for you – sounds like you are feeding your brain much better stuff.


  3. It is actually sunny here today and temps going up to 64!!! Strange at this time of year. So I plan to take a little walk this afternoon, even though I did my 30 mins. workout this morning along with the Leslie Sansone DVD Walk Away the Pounds.

    I also limit the amount of negative things I read, watch, listen to. I believe it is better when we fill our minds, hearts, spirits with joyful thoughts and images which infiltrates the atmosphere, sending positives out to the world. It fills me with more peace and joy, which I send out to others.


  4. Hi,
    I love walking early in the morning, it always seems so peaceful, we have a very nice walking area in a park that is not that far away, and I have a dog that demands to go walking, so just as well I do enjoy it. 😀


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