NoCZ-12 Week 3 Update

Funny how doing something differently changes everything else.

This past week I decided to head to the basement within the first hour of returning from work. Normally I scarf down some food and read while I’m eating. This deviation from my normal routine was actually quite nice.

  • Monday was spend jumping on my trampoline, cleaning things up, stretching and doing some laundry. When I returned upstairs it was after 7 pm. I was ready to settle down, read, eat and relax. Most important of all, I did something I haven’t done in a VERY long time – I took a long hot soak. After reading Joss commit to a week of  taking baths and how it affected her, I wanted to be in that place again. I used to take baths all the time but now it’s an afterthought and one I usually skip. This week I committed to myself…
  • Tuesday morning, I awoke and sat in the dark morning silence for a bit. That quiet time gave me time to remember my dreams and I took time to write them down. I’ve noticed that I’m having more dreams lately and by writing them down, I am inviting more into my world.
  • Tuesday night was book club night, 7 women, wine, hot tea, lots of food, book discussion, life sharing, laughter… no newindy hike on a gray day with Margeed to go to the basement!
  • Wednesday morning I was up early and sat in silence – then spent some time reading before I began my day. What an amazing effect that stillness has on my day. It transforms what lies ahead into the here and now. Oh so sweet!
  • Wednesday evening was back in the basement, stretching and throwing darts.
  • Thursday evening back in the basement, playing darts, jumping up and down, more darts, singing, lalala… That evening was another soak in the bathtub. The bath water scented with Hawaiian Coconut Sea Salt helped to slow me, ground me and calm me.
  • Friday morning started off with a bit of reading in my quiet house.
  • Friday night is group therapy at the local pub with 3 other girlfriends. It’s a fun way to end the week – sharing, connecting and getting caught up with each other over a beer and wings.
  • Saturday morning was a solo hike up Rabbit Mountain. The changing sky kept my eyes facing up and the appreciation I felt toward the landscape multiplied.  You all know how much I adore Colorado with so much sky, sun, mountain views and tons of reasons to be outside. Love, love, love!
  • Sunday morning the wind was blowing like crazy but I don’t cancel a hike when it was I who suggested it! The sky was a blanket of gray clouds and we were dressed for the weather and off we went. It was a glorious hike filled with conversation, laughter, ideas, book suggestions and friendship it was an amazing way to begin a Sunday.

Do more of what makes you happy - quote

It was a great week for me and I especially loved the disruption I caused which helped change everything up. Taking baths was the best, followed by morning quiet time.

Spending so much time with me kept me from blogging and visiting you. I’ll work on that this week, ok?

Did you do something out of your comfort zone?

If you have a minute, I learned that we two others who’ve joined our NoCZ-12 Challenge. Take a moment to visit Nimi’s Musings and Allen Jambalaya.

More to come …

21 thoughts on “NoCZ-12 Week 3 Update

  1. suzicate

    This No comfort zone is really waking people up…maybe I should have done that rather than making “attentiveness” my goal! I could sure use a boost in the getting in shape department; sounds like you’re doing an awesome job with that! yay, you!


  2. I’m just marveling a the difference this challenge is making in each of our lives. So many positive and fun things are going on. You know, it’s a challenge that I thought would be so tough and difficult to live out, yet it is turning into such a positive experience and so much fun. who knew?


  3. Love this Marge! Joss got me remembering how much I love a long hot bath, too–even bought myself some new therapeutic ‘bubble bath’ this week.

    Reading your post stirred something inside and I realized instantly what my challenge is for the upcoming week: get up before everyone else and soak in the stillness. I used to love doing that, but have gotten out of the habit. Thank you for sharing YOUR journey, and so diligently keeping us all connected as we go forward really, truly honoring who we are.

    Week THREE? That’s it? Wow. This is going to be one hell of a year! xoxo


  4. Suzicate – The cool thing about this challenge is you get to start whenever you want! Put a badge on your page and join us. It’s about taking the ‘other’ road home, wearing something different, coloring outside the lines, stretching and growing. We want to hear what you’re doing so we can follow along too! Lots has happened in 3 weeks and so much more to come!

    Cheerleaders, groupies and fan clubs are also welcomed!


  5. Joss, it’s about throwing caution to the wind (for the sake of blogging about it) and it’s fun, daring, challenging, and a great learning experience for all of us. Whjat a wonderful post you had regarding your book! Congratulations!


  6. The morning quiet was so special. The entire pace of the day changed from ‘I have to’ to this …’I want to!’
    And I think my soul appreciated the time I was spending as well. It was as if we were a package instead of me being the engine and everything else trailing behind.

    And the hot baths were a treat too!


  7. Nimi, Is there a way to change your “Comments” settings? It is only allowing comments from people with Blogspot blogs to leave message … and we all have so much to say to you!


  8. This challenge is certainly like a game of tag and we are all the winners. As we leap… we come back with smiles and stories of what we felt, learned and achieved. I’m loving it!!


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