Things are happening here… NoCZ–12

Crying means you are aliveMy focus this week is to break my pattern of coming home from work and eating whatever happens to be within my reach. Instead I decided to spend the first hour in my basement.

Because of this decision the whole feel of my week has changed.

I’ll find more words and let you know what’s different when the week ends.

16 thoughts on “Things are happening here… NoCZ–12

  1. I wish I had a treadmill! I have a trampoline, some weights, a tv, some exercise music, twinkly white lights, and my dart board. Mainly it’s a diversion from the regular routine that makes the difference.


  2. Holding space….for you, for us, for all Life. As we move into the uncomfortable….we open new doors, invite the sacred, and listen to the whispers seeking pure expression. Love to you my friend. xoxo


  3. What a good idea–and an inspiration for all of us if we want to break a habit or six. To sit in quiet and contemplate is a gift we can give ourselves.


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