No Comfort Zone-2012 Challenge Updates

A new week filled with challenges and opportunities to do things differently is upon us. As for last week …

First of all I wore a dress again. Yes, I think it’s like breaking in new running shoes; it’s a slow process that becomes easier each time. My two dresses can be worn a few more times before anybody realizes that perhaps I only own two?

The toilet got fixed! You can call me Marge Katherine or you can call me Rosie the Riveter!

I resigned from my role as a board member but agreed to stay on and be the Fiddle Festival coordinator. This will be the 2nd year for the organization and for me. I’ll keep you tuned in.

As for my online and off-line friends:

Carol at Quillfyre got her hands dirty trying out a pottery class. Her descriptive poem sums it all up for us.

Anne at Heaven Sent made a phone call to ask for forgiveness for something that she didn’t do. This was totally out of her comfort zone but she did it anyhow.

Joss at Crowing Crone decided to call one person each day for a week. After reading her post I wrote down a list of people I want to call. They are all still on my list – I am expecting that she did much better than I did.

Jackie at A Heart’s Whispers stated for the whole world to read that she was going to 1) contact her chiropractor and 2) honor her commitment to Ahna.

At Diggingher the opportunity to volunteer and step up to work with Dress for Success was offered and received.

ChittleChattle will surely give an update on her TV appearance. To think we have a star in our mist!

More updates to come…

Now for this week:

When I come home from work, I usually open the fridge and grab something to eat, whether I’m hungry or not. This week I plan to come home and head to the basement for the first half hour. I can throw darts, jump on my trampoline, lift weights or read a book – but it will be in a brand new environment.


do more of what makes you happy

12 thoughts on “No Comfort Zone-2012 Challenge Updates

  1. Yes, so many fun things are occuring and discomfort is bringing laughter, introspection, deep breathings, new fashions, and so much more!
    I know I’m missing so many other stories and links to NoCZ-2012 Challenges so I hope other point them out to me so I can link to them.


  2. I add the tag to my post each day (nocz2012) but haven’t submitted any – each day seems like a challenge to leave my comfort zone 🙂 I am so grateful that you created this – some of my favorite blogs are from this web.


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