Standing in the Sunshine: NoCZ-2012

Good Morning,

It’s been a week of standing in the sunshine and although at times I feel exposed – I also feel more alive.

Simple steps that take me from here to there are putting a grin on my face.

  • Things that held me back were all self-induced and once I broke free – well, I see they were silly.
  • Telling others about my blog – to them it was no big deal.
  • Wearing a dress (TWO times this week) was fun.
  • Changing my domain name was long overdue.

Cecilia at Inspired Vision wrote this:

Stretching myself with my photography this week was a lot of fun. Surprisingly my photography got better the more I was willing to experiment and post less than perfect shots. Maybe life is that way too. The more we reveal ourselves, step out of our comfort zone, laugh and get excited about our efforts and foibles, the more real we become. For this coming week I will continue to experiment with photography, but for the challenge I will push another boundary in another area of my life. Check back on Mondays to see how it’s going and what new things I’m discovering through the No Comfort Zone 2012.

The act of letting go and stepping away from our view of ourselves is liberating. A freedom descends and possibilities are opened. Have you noticed this too?

Outside this blog there are many challenges going on. Two that caught my attention are 52 Books in 52 Weeks and A River of Stones. A River of Stones asks us to notice something everyday and write it down. Nice and simple. 52 Books helps us set a reading goal and follow it.

Now I’m looking for the Monthly Hiking Challenge and the Laugh Till it Hurts Challenge … if you know where they are, let me know!

If you’re doing this challenge, leave a comment and I’ll link your blog to my page.

If you don’t have a blog, leave comments here so we can follow your progress and challenges! Hope you’re having fun along the way!

20 thoughts on “Standing in the Sunshine: NoCZ-2012

  1. Standing in the Sunshine – I like that!
    I feel as though I am Sparkling with Sunshine and Shining in Moonlight!
    Dancing in it all with a new step, different timing.
    LOL! (Sleeping sometimes, too.)
    NoCZ is becoming… habit breaking, different normal (“new normal” is becoming overused).
    My biggest hurdle right now is keeping up with all of the other challenge bloggers. So much good stuff to read.


  2. Thanks for the mention! I’m excited to see where we will all be by Dec. 31! After one week I am in awe the shifts that have already begun in my thinking and way of seeing. Others inspire me with their willingness to step out of their comfort zones, as well as draw attention to areas I have yet to explore. This was and is indeed a fantastic exercise in growth and development in all areas of life. Thank you Marge!


  3. I also like your “standing in the sunshine” cool saying. I see a shift in myself already as well. I sense something coming. In the meantime, though it has rained the last couple days, and some happenings threatened to bring me down, I remember that God loves me and He is caring for me so I walked through the moments knowing they would pass and I am good 🙂


  4. Hi Cecilia – I think this will come in waves — as one person winds down, another will pick up steam and carry us all into shore until another wave takes us for a ride again.

    Keep me posted on good stuff that you find, ok?


  5. Hi Jackie,

    Here is a list of ideas I created and wanted to do all in week 1. I knew as I wrote them that they will evolve over time but I wanted to share my initial list with you:

    • tell 10 people I am doing this challenge
    • racewalk 10 min per day
    • wear a dress to work
    • dye my hair red/blond/black
    • write a page for my novel
    • write a letter to myself/seal it and paperclip it to the December page of my calendar
    • ask for forgiveness
    • get a tarot reading
    • electronic free day
    • tv free day
    • speak to 10 new people today
    • change domain name
    • read sci fi book
    • write a poem

    As I read what others are doing I know that this list will be tweaked daily!


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