Tweaking away the comfort…

Over a year ago, I purchased the domain name ‘’ and then let it sit. Today I activated it and if you look at the URLl in the address bar you’ll see that change. No more – Hello

All links to will come directly to

So, why wait a year?  Why not activate the account back then? It’s like buying a beautiful dress and hanging it in the back of the closet with the price tag still on it.  Why even bother if I’m not going to wear it?

This no comfort zone thing is helping me strip away the armor that I hold close for protection. Slowly I am standing tall – writing publicly, changing my style of clothing, using a new URL. Scary, slow, simple and the end result is support from you, strength from within and a sweet sense of serenity.

Baby steps until they get too easy and comfortable then huge leaps over boulders… up cliffs … and across ravines!

What have you been up to in the NoCZ-2012 Challenge?

I hope you enjoy this lovely list of reminders: This is your life, Do what you love and do it often!

This is your life

29 thoughts on “Tweaking away the comfort…

  1. Wonderful. I will update your info on my blogroll. I continue with NoCZ-2012, but will be blogging about my progress once a week (Saturday evenings or Sundays). Life is sure taking on interest and creativity with these challenges! I love that you have finally activated your domain name. 🙂


  2. Marge – I noticed the domain name change immediately! Thank you for creating this challenge. It seems the challenge has affected me in more ways than I had imagined when I tenuously stepped in. Noticing my own uncomfortable zones, coming out of hiding. Speaking my truths… This is a gift, the Challenge is a gift, YOU are a Gift. I want to be able to get the badge up, list the others who have stepped up, and it may take a giant leap in my learning curve and theme changes. For now, Thank YOU! (P.S. My stats have gone way up since I began posting my best photos, and followers have increased by 17! In 3 days! That’s not why I did it, and what an unexpected bonus! I feel like I’ve won a lottery!)
    I am so loving others responses to the challenge and learning so much from them all!


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  4. LOL…I’m learning to not sugarcoat my words….in posts, in comments, in sharing. But I will tell you that I love this change you’ve made….and I love that you’ve challenged us all. The layers seem to be quickly stripping away. I can’t help but wonder…if this is how the year begins….what happens as we continue to move forward….when the stripping has made her mark….and we step into the next phase of discomfort? Who will we be when this year finds each new season?

    Loving the connection…and watching the growth. xo


  5. Starbear….love that you’re experiencing such growth….and you’ll get that ‘widget’ up. Upload the NC Zone image to your media, then use the ‘image’ widget and go to the url where the NC Zone is in your media. Feel free to message me if I can be of help in getting this figured out. xo


  6. I planned to blog on a weekly basis but then I began to shed all this ‘stuff’ and decided to blog about it. I have other areas to focus on but thought I’d get this on paper for all to read. As I get closer to dealing with the overt issues, I’ll be reading the steps others are taking and will have role models to follow – like you!


  7. Hi Starbear – This is a week of baby steps. When the week is over I will wonder, what next? And that’s when I turn to you and Joss and Jackie and Cecilia and all my other friends are joined in.

    Don’t forget to check the Add the button link which will show you the steps you need to get the NoCZ-2012 button.


  8. Once the week is over I will be naked! Well, if it were only that easy, huh? I suppose I am doing the easy work first – the things that hold me back on the outside.

    Next will be some inner work, then back to the outside, then in again! And each step along the way, I will be reading, learning, listening, growing and loving it!


  9. I would like to do some things…which cost money, but even those which cost little are not important this right now when finances are unsure.
    But there are technological things which don’t cost money and would be good to learn from the social media aspect, but it is like jumping into freezing water, or maybe a fire.


  10. Enjoying the conversation that is going on here. I did get my badge up and conquer several other “new” things on my blog like using hyperlinks. I am encouraged by what is being shared…really getting me thinking.


  11. Bravo to you, Marge! Sounds like you’re having a successful coming out party.

    Onward and upward. May the layers peel off with ease throughout 2012.

    Blessings – Maxi


  12. Not standing in line for your life — what a strong and powerful statement! With confidence like that, the line is sure to fall away and you are at the front – looking back at your past! So very cool!


  13. Hi Maxi – I loved the toast on your blog and the wonder of life events. Sadness leads to a whole new world opening up for you.

    The layers are already peeling – some easily and some are screaming to remain in place… and for now they will not be disturbed.


  14. Hi Ann,

    I like going to visit and learning from those speakers. They usually offer me an idea or concept that needs to be chewed on. And the videos always leave me wanting more!

    Also, when I need to know something, I turn to Youtube and enter in the search button and there is someone there who has created a video to teach me that one thing — it’s like a gift, waiting to be opened!


  15. Baby Steps – Jackie and Marge. Yes! Thank you for the wonderful instructions on the add a button. I did it and my blog did not explode or implode, as it has done in the past when I made changes… LOL!

    What a wonderful helpful, loving caring tribe! Yes – what is next? Surprises, later when I don’t have to run to work.. LOL! ~ B


  16. I like your No Comfort Zone concept. Recently I stepped out of my comfort zone to build, paint, repair and design my quilt studio. Oh, and quilting is new for me too! I accomplished a lot to be able to work on something that has become a passion for me. If I may, I would like to share what I did…

    The more I accomplish, the more I want to do. Thanks for visiting and liking my page. ~ Lynda


  17. I read your accomplishments and all I can say is WOW! You’ve accomplished and achieved so much – your brain cells must be popping like crazy! Bravo to you and thanks for including your link for all of us to read and enjoy!


  18. They say if you want to stave off Alzheimers then you must learn something new. I figure that the something new doesn’t have to be a musical instrument, or something between the covers of a book… it can be anything so long as you can keep active and keep increasing your skills. 😉

    Thanks! ~ L


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