Working at Discomfort

I am loving the comments and phone calls and emails ( I am receiving about the No Comfort Zone-2012 Challenge. They are full of excitement and activity.

dress up for work outfit
Getting out of my comfort zone!

Personally, I am working on the overt process first. I came out of the blogging closet and told my world about the hugely successful me!

Yesterday (drum roll, please…) I wore a dress to work!  Why was that such an issue in my world?  It’s always amazing to me when the world doesn’t end when I break through another self-imposed barrier.

The inner work is on hold right now but I am following Jackie and Joss and learning from them. In fact, I read their blogs and thought that my challenges were so trivial but I also realise I have to do some outer work and be gentle with myself before I can go inside.

If you’re doing this challenge, please leave a comment so we can follow along with your activities too. You don’t need to have a blog – just post here on this blog or send an email to and I’ll post it for you.

More to come!

NoCZ-2012 Challenge
No Comfort Zone-2012 Challenge


13 thoughts on “Working at Discomfort

  1. The beauty of this process, this challenge, and the way in which we are each approaching it, my dear friend is that while some steps may APPEAR to be trivial, there is a wave of movement that takes shape beyond what is seen, and in some cases – known. We are all so quick to judge, aren’t we? We nearly wait for the opportunity to break ourselves down….to step in the path of our own empowerment. Ugh. Enough of that. No more making ourselves into something we are not – bigger OR smaller – than who we simply just ARE. Already this truth is circling around both my inner and outer self. It plays in my mind, it tears at my heart and challenges my emotions. Buckle up, my friends….this may be a bumpy ride….but oh, so worth it! xo


  2. I read a quote once that you have traded your entire life to be who you are at this moment. I want that thought to bring me peace and pride instead of shame at the plethora of missed opportunities due to fear and an addiction to lethargy.

    Thank you so much for putting words to what was in my head and heart.


  3. no, no, no, no comparisons. You are you, Jackie is Jackie, and me is me! hee hee. Seriously, it’s all about YOUR comfort zone, listening to YOUR heart not anyone elses. We’re going to keep the fun in this all the way by each being authentic and true to who we are.
    and yes, always be gentle with yourself. Kudos for the dress, btw.


  4. Such a great goal you have working here…I am working outside of my comfort zone once a week by painting with some artist friends. It’s been great in just the two times we’ve met so far to see how far outside our comfort zones we are treading.

    happy new year


  5. Jackie, I agree that we are reaching out with different reasons, different goals and most of all with different objectives. For me, I am coming out and becoming visible. For you, at this moment, you are going within. I think it’s beautiful and know I will be going there soon. But not yet…


  6. One thing I tell myself often is this … every step along the way has brought me to here. Which is where I am and you are at this moment. It’s a good thing and it needs to be honored! It is so wonderful that you are with us!


  7. Joss,

    Fun is the KEY word here! Fun to learn, grow, challenge and let laughter be part of it all!

    Each step in the light is scary and silly at the same time. Sweet!!


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  9. I love your outfit. I was trying to see it in my mind as you were describing it to me.
    Brings back some school uniform memories. But you look great in it!!! and blue is one of your best colors. A little dis-comfort, can bring you a wee bit of joy. So, what’s your other dress look like?? hahaha


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