Discomfort Zone (NoCZ-2012)

We must be willing to let goI am in awe as I read posts by others  in the No Comfort Zone-2012 Challenge.  Their inner voices are getting stronger and speaking out in ways that were never allowed before. The control they had is fading away and something else is evolving. Best of all, they putting it all into words. And what powerful words they are!

The beauty of blogging is unfolding as others step up, step out and embrace this new world. I am part of it and am growing as well. As a student I am loving it and learning from it. How lovely this is!

15 thoughts on “Discomfort Zone (NoCZ-2012)

  1. mkmercurio

    Right on CAT! The steps we are making do make a difference. They shuffle things around and get things stirred up. Even the most basic changes (using the mouse with my left hand) makes me step back and look at my actions with a new appreciation!


  2. Right On YOU ! the tiniest of actions – words – thoughts – focusing on the true heart – is so Enlightening – Riveting and The jumble brings about CHANGE – Whatever it is —- IT is happening —- Reading it – seeing it from a heartspace – everywhere !
    🙂 Bless xoxoxoxo C


  3. Thank you Thank you I really enjoyed my first post for this challenge almost as much as it scared me silly.
    I noticed on your blog and others there is a stamp/logo. How do I get this for my blog?

    Thank you again,
    Ta Ta for now Cathy the Bagg Lady


  4. mkmercurio

    I love it too and am thrilled that an action by one person can cause a ripple felt by many others. We’re all connected and this challenge is sweet way to show it!


  5. mkmercurio

    He, he! I am truly putting myself out there – by announcing to those closest to me of my actions. The blog world already knows me! Love to see you visiting and commenting and loving me!


  6. mkmercurio

    Being scared is the key word, isn’t it? Only to find out – that not only is it OK – but others are there to support you and cheer you on! WE are doing this! Yippee for us.


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