No Comfort Zone-2012 Challenge Begins Soon!

First of all, it will be a challenge to write 2012, won’t it?

Step out of your comfort zoneI’m excited to receive some “I accept” comments and “I’ll cheer you on” comments. My mind is bopping and dancing with a variety of ideas of things out of my comfort zone. There are 3 right now that are tugging at me and I either have to write them down so I remember them tomorrow (ha ha) or just act on them and use them for my first round of blog posts. I’ll let you know what I decide.

FEEL free to spread the word and invite your friends, family and other bloggers to join in the fun!

Be sure to link back here so we can see how you’re stepping out of your comfort zone!


18 thoughts on “No Comfort Zone-2012 Challenge Begins Soon!

  1. MK, even though I originally said I would have to think about this challenge, I am still in a previous challenge regarding my personal life transitions to live my dreams and walk the path God has for me 🙂


  2. mkmercurio

    I too am on a path of change and thought this would be a great forum to share, learn, laugh and grow from others. Join in when you can and be sure to giggle along the way!


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