Challenge Yourself and Thank Me Later!

Hi there,

It’s me again. I want to talk a bit more about the No Comfort Zone-2012 Challenge. I think it’s gonna be great and it’s not just because I thought of it.

End of your comfort zoneWhat I adore about this challenge is that when I do something different – my brain cells start popping (that’s a scientific term, I’m sure of it!), growing and exercising and because of this different activity, my brain gets stronger. Just like with your fitness routine, you’ve got to shake things up. Let’s do that!

The ‘use it or lose it’ theory is put into play in my challenge. In a longitudinal study, called the MacArthur Study healthy people were tracked from middle age into their 80’s and measured  any changes in their physical and mental function as well as their lifestyles: what they ate, how much they exercised, and their leisure and social activities. There were 3 distinct areas that made a difference over time.

  • They were more consistently physically active than the others. They took daily walks and other forms of exercise, for example.
  • They remained mentally active. These are the people who, rather than parking in front of the TV, did the crossword puzzle every morning, browsed the library shelves regularly for new and interesting books, dabbled in hobbies and crafts, or played bridge three times per week.
  • They had a personality quality some have termed “self-efficacy.” They met challenges with the confidence and desire to solve them, rather than being ground under the wheels of misfortune. (Found in Memory Loss and the Brain)

In other words, they tried new things on a regular basis and they the world became their oyster.  Just like the No Comfort Zone-2011 Challenge  invites you to get out of your comfort zone and make some noise, dance the jig, meet new people, write sizzling blogs (and link back so I can read them!)

Perhaps at the end of the challenge I have a prize for you? Maybe you can help me think of something?! Let me know …

Time is ticking!

8 thoughts on “Challenge Yourself and Thank Me Later!

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  2. I have found that daily prayer and conversation with God and His son, Jesus has helped me greatly with the challenges I began for myself a couple years ago. These challenges are transforming old habits into new habits, becoming more disciplined, being more focused on task at hand, eating better, exercising more, and remembering to forgive even the small things.
    I find that when I focus on God’s guidance each day that I am improving my habits and my brain is beginning to work better. Yippee!

    I have worked most of my life to become a better person, and this time of my life I am asking God to help me to KNOW who I really am, and to guide me on the path He has for me.


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