Challenging Thyself

Last year we took the Postaday2011 challenge when we decided to post to our blog daily. We told others, we committed publicly and we began.

As we did, we found there were some people we especially liked. We followed their blogs and they followed ours. We commented, we shared and we grew.

The year is ending and I will not be joining the 2012 postaday challenge. Instead I will look for something else and I will blog about my new endeavors.

One cool  idea is the Good Reads ( reading challenge. If they have one for 2012 I will join it and commit to one book per week. It may not happen but it’s something to strive for, right?

Another challenge that caught my attention is Day Zero Project which asks you to list 101 things to do in 1001 days. The neat thing is you list an activity then a include the date by which you want to finish it. That’s the secret to making it happen. The website is actually a social network where you can see what others have listed and what they have accomplished. This site is one huge bucket list of ideas. 1001 days is about 2.75 years. Very do-able!

The blog 1000 Awesome Things (is also a book now) has a great list of ideas that you can put on your list if you need something to focus on. Many of the things they list are silly (stare at the clouds, stay in bed, eat ice cream for breakfast, etc) but it’s a fun read.

What shall it be for me? I need to think and decide. If you know of any sites that could get me energized, let me know – Please!

15 thoughts on “Challenging Thyself

  1. I have really enjoyed the blog a day challenge and am undecided about whether I will do it again this year. I’ve loved connecting with so many people and don’t want to lose that. I, too, am looking for a new challenge for 2012 but not sure what it will be. Something creative, something that will stretch me a bit for sure.


  2. I joined the postaweek2011 challenge. With school, I knew that I would not make the postaday2011. But even posting once a week (I almost always posted more often, never missed a week) I, like you, was privileged to meet so many people, including you. School will continue to be my priority through 2013, and blogging will continue to be a part of my life, but I’m looking for something else, too. Due to the sedentary life of a grad student and blogger, I’m planning to get more physical (maybe taking Robin of “Life in the Bogs” 2010 lead and getting outside every day, rain or shine, in 2012.) I think i will also check out the link nuvofelt posted. Creative Every Day sounds rather interesting.

    Enjoy your holidays, and may your new year be filled with creative fun!


  3. Interesting links here.

    On 1st of January I’ll be moving back to Blogger. I won’t necessarily be blogging once a day, will blog as usual without the pressure. We’ll see how many follows me..

    Don’t know if I’ll sign up for any new challenges. Before this, I did the photo-a-day thing, and failed miserably. This blogging one, I will complete, but it has been tiresome at times.


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  5. Rebekah led me here. Nice blog. Some good ideas above. I have shot everyday this year and to my eyes the improvement in my images is amazing. I don’t know if I will follow a “public” challenge next year but believe I will continue to shoot daily and see what develops…


  6. Splendid ideas. I am so pleased to have met most all of you here. I did not post every day but did post more than 365 because I was manic a couple of days and made lots of Christmas photos and did the 365 by cheating. I don’t know why. I felt I had nothing to say and all of you did neat things with your blogs. I don’t know if I will continue any where.
    Best to all of you!


  7. mkmercurio

    It’s as if we’re all graduating and moving in different directions! It’s been great and I’ve enjoyed it but there were times it was hard to come up with a topic that was worthy of reading!


  8. mkmercurio

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! It’s good to hear you’ve improved with your photography over the past year … I think my writing has improved as well. Still it makes me ask – “What’s next?”


  9. mkmercurio

    Hi Linda – I didn’t post everyday. Some days there was nothing inside me. Or, to be truthful, there was plenty going on but nothing I wanted to share. And so, 2011 is winding down and I have met some wonderful people! They all know to contact me when they come to Colorado — sweet and sunny Colorado!


  10. mkmercurio

    I love when people share other challenges with me. I’ll be sure to check out Life in the Bogs – any reason to get outside everyday is a blessing.

    May the new year shower you with creative rain drops and sweet sunshine!


  11. mkmercurio

    When you decide on a new challenge, I hope you share it with me. I love challenging myself and getting out of my comfort zone. What will it be…what will it be?


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