Pinterest: My Visual Escape

Sometimes I just need to see pretty things.

I long to see magazine layouts, and bulletin boards of filled with creative images, fashions, recipes, scenery and all those things that boost my energy and make me want to put my fingers to the keyboard and post in my blog.

Colorado River Trail
Colorado River Trail: Click the image

And when I need that fix – I go to Pinterest.

At, you’ll be able to see what other people admire and share too.

It’s an online scrapbook (sort of) filled with images, quotes, videos and links back to the original person.

It’s like a game of tag where I post a picture of something I love, or a place I went to or a quote I adore. Others see what I posted and repin it to their bulletin boards.

It’s a great place to get images for my blogs or get inspiration for a post. It’s an amazing place to visit when I have time.

And what about you? Where do you go when you need a bit of an escape? What sites have you bookmarked that speak to you? Care to share?

9 thoughts on “Pinterest: My Visual Escape

  1. mkmercurio

    I think it’s really cool and I always walk away with a new idea, concept or inspiration. If you join, be sure to link to me so I can follow along!


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