The Gift of Learning: Just Because

Learning is something I love to do and with access to the internet, I can do it for free. EVERY SINGLE DAY!library of congress webpage

Ted at This site is filled with great lectures by energetic people who display their art, share their concepts or offer new ideas. A site to bookmark for sure!

Do you love history? If so, then will take you to places that will make you drool. They have quizzes, videos and information that will keep you glued to your seat.

Perhaps you just want it all — all the learning with none of the cost? If so, visit The Library of Congress. The amount of information, stories, videos, music, films, maps, and so much  more are literally at your fingertips. There are resources for kids and families, for researchers and teachers. Topics include prints and photographs, historic newspapers, veterans history, manuscripts and more.

Free Information.

Free Learning.

Go Get Smart.



10 thoughts on “The Gift of Learning: Just Because

  1. Oo I love Its a great site and you can really learn so amazing things that. I also enjoy watching great quality presenters..presenting their presentations too!


  2. mkmercurio

    I enjoy the presentations as well and love the fact that none of them go over 30 minutes! That helps keep everything moving along! And like you — I always learn something new!


  3. Good MK, yes the TED and affiliated TEDx events are totally awesome. It is great they video every presentation and entertainment and post them online…ideas worth spreading. I attended my first TEDx last year and have stayed involved since.


  4. mkmercurio

    If you have any presentations that stand out more than others, let me know so I can look and bookmark them as well.



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