Unwrapping Christmas

The outside of my house is dark this Christmas season. No lights, no garland, no artificial Santa or Baby Jesus on my lawn.

Christmas WreathI have a lone wreath. Everything looks so sad.

In my world, Christmas is on the inside:

I love the Christmas season.
I love to get presents (SANTA, ARE YOU THERE?)
I love to decorate inside my house.
I love waking up to a lit Christmas tree and colorful lights inside my house.
I love playing Christmas music and singing along (if you sing really loud, nobody really knows that you’re off key!)
I love hot apple cider and pumpkin bread.
I love sugar cookies with icing (not so great about making them though).
I love having my family close by.
I love having friends over.
I love remembering Christmas past.

The secret is on the inside. The color, smells, sounds and feel of Christmas happens when you walk through the front door.

Come on in!



11 thoughts on “Unwrapping Christmas

  1. Thanks for linking to my post — that’s so nice! The wreath is beautiful. I wouldn’t think of the outside of your house as sad, but as a place that contains something the passers-by wouldn’t expect: a bright and secret world, cozy and warm, full of Christmas. 🙂


  2. mkmercurio

    It is a lovely wreath, isn’t it? I love the sparkle of the holidays, the delightful smells of cooking and the sounds of friends esp at this time of year!


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