December 3, 2011: Get in the Christmas Mood

I woke to snow and wind and very cold weather today and I decided it’s a perfect day to put on Christmas carols and put up the tree.

Christmas angel ornamentHanging the ornaments is the best part of it for me. I feel that an ornament tells a tale and take you back to a place in time. One ornament made by my son in his early years takes me right back there to his sweet face. An angel ornament from my sister is hung next to all my other angels. A series of dated ornaments from my longtime group of girlfriends – we share ornaments, date them and hang them. Those are some of my favorites of all.

Ornaments given from friends and family that have died are especially sweet because as I hang them, I go back in time and see their faces again.

Listening to Christmas music does the same thing for me as hanging ornament. I may as well be ten years old again and decorating the family tree.  The Christmas carols are the same – just a few less siblings jostling me. And then, like now I know you don’t need a good voice to sing along. Geesh, you don’t even need to know the words. Nobody notices or cares and like my dad always said, “If you’re gonna sing – sing loud!”


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Author: MargeKatherine

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6 thoughts on “December 3, 2011: Get in the Christmas Mood”

  1. Lovely post indeed. It touches on what Christmas should be about 🙂 We have some of those ornaments you talk about. These are ornaments that we have had since my sis and I were little children. We have one of Snoopy (yes, there is a snoopy christmas ornament too!) one of his eyes are missing and his white coat turned brown with age, but we still hang him up there with all the new ornaments. He usually gets one of the better spots too!


  2. My house is decorated and lights are hung on the windows (inside the house where I can bask in their sweetness). Join me!


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