Black Friday Shopping

I won’t be shopping tomorrow, will you?

I’ll exercise, clean, visit some friends, visit a library and enjoy a day off from work.

christmas presentBut I won’t be joining the throngs of people shopping. It doesn’t suit me. I’d rather visit small shops that have unique gifts throughout the year. I’d rather print photos and frame them. I’d rather shop when stores are empty.

Christmas can be overwhelming if we listen to the news, watch the commercials, read the ads and buy into it all.

Or Christmas and the holidays can be sweet and memorable without huge debt and guilt.

The time to make the choice is right now — will you be naughty or nice?

10 thoughts on “Black Friday Shopping

  1. mkmercurio

    Craziness is a perfect word! The hype is created by advertising and perpetuated by the media and the public buys into it. Icky!


  2. mkmercurio

    I am hopeful that the downturn in the economy reminds us all that it’s not about the gifts, it’s about the thoughts behind the gift. There are so many ways to make Christmas real again. Sharing cookies, singing carols, writing personalized cards are just a few. Or else we can let the market direct our buying habits and the guilt associated with the overspending will ruin everything!


  3. We don’t have Black Friday where I come from and my Christmas shopping is always done on the 23rd or 24th of’s like this routine that I practice…and best part most of the manic shopping is done by everyone the crowds are slightly less 🙂


  4. I’m with you, Marge. I prefer to patronize smaller stores and boutiques and give thought to the gifts I give. In the madness of Black Friday, etc., who has time to think? Shopping like that, with all the crowds make me discombobulated and zaps my energy. Happy Holidays!


  5. mkmercurio

    Yes, the gifts that I prefer to purchase are things that appear to me with a neon light over them that says “Buy this for Kris” or “Sue would love this!”

    And the right gift always appears!


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