Giving Thanks at the Inside Out Cafe

Welcome to the Inside-Out Café and Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

A special welcome is extended you all who do not have place to gather on Thanksgiving Day. To those who may be single, divorced, widowed, students, travellers, homeless, or just alone for one reason or another.

homemade apple pieI extend a welcome to all who wish they were with family but because of death, distance, disgruntlement or other circumstances, you are alone.

On this day, in this wonderful café, I offer you a feast to remember all year long.

Let’s skip all those appetizers that fill you up and take away from the main course… our friend Tom the Turkey. Tom is filled to bursting with sausage stuffing that my momma used to make the night before each Thanksgiving.

In addition to Tom you’ll feast on tasty sausage stuffing, mashed potatoes and roast potatoes, sweet buttered corn, broccoli, and a huge salad. You can also choose from a variety of hot rolls with soft butter and set yourself down for a meal, conversation, and tons of laughter.

Once the meal is over, you’re not finished. In the next room are tables set up with games. Pick your favorite and join in. Scrabble, Monopoly, Dominos, Checkers, Poker, Gin Rummy and Hearts are the popular games but keep looking for one that you love. Stick around for a bit for the dessert wagon to roll on in.

On my dessert wagon are the basic Thanksgiving Day desserts… the ones my momma used to make. Pumpkin, Mincemeat, Apple and Lemon pies. I think I’ll also make some cherry and apple turnovers. Grab some coffee and stick around. The memories are in the making.

When the day is done, the cards are put away and the door is closed, I hope you leave with a full belly and a wide smile.

That’s my idea of Thanksgiving.

16 thoughts on “Giving Thanks at the Inside Out Cafe

  1. How wonderful and inviting. Count me in 🙂 I love the idea of games after, as everyone’s tummies settle from the yummy feast, then enjoy delicious treats and coffee while continuing the games 🙂
    I am grate to have friends (a larger family all of whom are friends) who invite me to join them every year. We also celebrate the Grandma’s birthday which is actually a few days before Thanksgiving. So we celebrate her and give thanks for her in our lives.


  2. mkmercurio

    I agree that engaging with family and friends by playing games leads to life long memories! You pick first!

    Happy Thanksgiving Day to you!


  3. mkmercurio

    Yes, my mom is part of every big meal that I make. She had to cook for 10 family members on a regular basis and she figured out how to create edible meals on a daily basis. Yum!


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