Endless Possibilities

Perhaps a rewrite is in order —

time quoteNothing is permanent in this amazing world …

Not even our troubles!

Our beginnings are filled with wonder and joy.

Our endings are filled with sadness and longing.

But the space in between is unlimited!



Author: Margekatherine

Missing my grandkids but loving everything about life here in glorious Colorado!

7 thoughts on “Endless Possibilities”

  1. Actually I’d consider rewriting the whole thing —
    In hindsight, what actually was the beginning of things was often sorrow and longing —
    And what proved to be the ending and consummation was wonder and joy —

    1. Yes, for many ending there’s a new beginning – especially when are are ready to say goodbye. I suppose with death, that’s where the sorrow and sadness and not wanting to let go comes to reality. Love your input, thanks!

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