Life is a Series of Steps: Measuring Time

It’s November 2011. How did that happen?

life steps quoteHow did another November roll around and better yet, what have I accomplished over this year?

When I try to account for my time and figure out what I’ve done – I am frustrated. I only see the things I didn’t do and fail to see what I have done. And yet…

  • I’m working again.
  • I spend one day a week with my grandson (which just happens to be the BEST day of the week!).
  • I write blogs on a regular basis.
  • I work out 4 x week.
  • I read lots of great books.
  • I started a book group.
  • I hike most weekends.
  • I stay in contact with my family (sibs and kids).
  • I visit libraries 1-2 times a week.
  • I read and recycle magazines (at my library of course).

So, maybe the year is not lost. And what about you? Done anything that stands out more than the others? A big move, marriage, divorce, death, job change, trip or something else?

Or is your life a series of tiny steps that happen over time and seem inconsequential until you actually list them…. one by one by one?

13 thoughts on “Life is a Series of Steps: Measuring Time

  1. «stairway to life» … that was a good way of putting it! 🙂

    These tiny, little steps are what make up life, I guess. I’ve been lucky — over this last twelve months, nothing big sticks out [except my trip home of course]. My list is similar to yours apart from the work-out and hiking..

    It’s a good thing to think about!


  2. It sounds like you’ve found a great life balance–which I believe is the key to happiness. Working, playing, exercising and spending time with family can all fit into a single life if we make them each a priority. Well done!


  3. Yes – the family and fun component with a dash of exercise and learning are all top shelf priorities for me. When things are out of balance, I am too. Thanks for visiting!


  4. Measuring time is easy when there is a top notch goal in the way — earning a degree, finding a job, getting married, having a family — but when it’s a day to day thing — it’s hard to remember. That’s the true beauty of journaling. When I kept a journal, I remembered so much more and now I get to relive those days when I read them again.


  5. Sounds like you had quite a productive year so far! was thinking about this recently trying to sum up my year. So far in 2011, I took a Financial Peace University class, went to Puerto Rico, went to NYC twice, worked on new categories for my blog, and started graduate school. And from now until the end of the year, I’m attending three weddings (one I’m officiating), attending a bachelorette party and taking final exams. Maybe one of these days I’ll sleep…


  6. I like the stairway of life . . . small steps but all moving us upward and onward. A few big steps thrown in now and then, but mostly smaller but steady steps. I enjoyed the post. 🙂


  7. A wonderful post. You are one busy lady — but you maintain your balance in the diversity of those steps.
    We moved this year — that’s a biggie! Maintaining balance when a great deal of life is shifting is quite a challenge. Exciting, exhausting. The blogs are an anchor for me, even though sometimes it feels like a lot of pressure to keep them up when everything else seems to be pressing as well.
    I’ve found in our new area a French conversation group, something I wouldn’t even have dared to hope for, and that is a life-giver.
    But I’ve slacked off my exercise, and it really shows, not only on the scale, but also in all the little and bigger physical glitches that stem from it. That’s probably the most important piece to re-institute before the year ends, to restore a physical balance to go with gradually recovering equanimity.
    Blogging friends are an inspiration!


  8. I know this has been a busy year for you but WOW! You’ve been really on the move, haven’t you? In your case, most of your items have been BIG, not the tiny steps that make up the hours of our lives. Your days have been jam packed with BIG moments. Maybe next year it will all be ‘ho-hum’ and boring again!

    WOW oh WoW!


  9. A move is a huge deal and a solid point in measuring time… you’ll say ” it was after we moved here” or “it was before we moved” and you’ll have an anchor.

    We need to treat ourselves like dogs and get a walk in everyday – but somehow, we fail to make it happen. It’s hard because the days turn into weeks and then months and then it’s hard to get back into that good place again. We can take walks together, across the miles!


  10. You’ve done well… A lot has happened to/for me this year… too much to mention. I am happy for many of the positive changes in my life. 🙂
    I’ve been out of the loop with power outages and conferences… now catching up on comments. TY! 🙂


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