A Decade of Technology Changes: What’s Next?

Do you ever wonder what’s the  next new thing to be invented, reinvented, produced and delivered to us? Ten years ago, blogging was something a handful of people did. Now companies, CEO’s, universities,  presidents, grandmas, cpu and monitoremployers, movie stars, quilters, news stations and teachers all have a reason to put their words in a post and hit the publish button.

I worked with a brilliant guy in my past and I often asked him this question – what’s the next new thing? Years ago he told me about a new concept called Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) which was difficult for me to grasp at the time. Now, I use VOIP with Skype and my phone.

What’s the next new thing?

When I first browsed the web, Netscape was the only choice…Amazon was a place far away and Google was a funny word.

AOL had the market with the disks they mailed on a regular basis so we could connect to the internet.  Connecting to the internet meant dialing a certain number where everything took it’s own sweet time. While the computer was connected, the phone was unavailable.

In the past ten years, I’ve seen flash (or thumb) drives replace cds (which replaced floppy discs). With each year, the amount a flash drive holds increases and will soon be able to hold a terabyte of memory!

The big deal ten years ago was the Blackberry. Now a Blackberry is old fashioned compared to the iPhone family that continues to ‘wow’ the world. The ‘land line’ is a thing of the past as our children subscribe to cell phone use only. I recently discontinued my land line due to the cost and the handful of calls that I received.

Back then a chat was something I did over the phone – today it’s a text using dozens of acronyms. The preference seems to be to send a text rather than make a phone call.

We no longer need a VCR recorder because of programs like Tivo and On Demand that allow us to record a host of programs to watch at a later time. In fact, we can  skip watching TV and tune into our computers and watch our favorite programs on Hulu and other such programs.

Our televisions have gotten flatter and wider as have our computer screens.

Film cameras are no longer produced and digital cameras are being replaced by cell phone cameras.

A decade ago I was so cool jogging with my neat yellow Walkman. Cassettes were soon replaced by compact discs and now, thousands of songs are downloaded into a device as big as my thumb or onto my cell phone device.

Books were either hardback or paperback. Now, we have to decide if we want to use a Nook, Kindle, Sony, or some other type of e-Reader. Libraries are in the process of going virtual as well.

A social network was a gathering of people, like you might find at church or on a Friday afternoon meeting face to face, perhaps. Online social networks like My Space, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and other sites allow many people to connect via their fingertips. They share videos, photos and information for their friends and family to see across the miles or across the world.

Oh my goodness! So much has changed, evolved, and emerged in so little time. What’s next?

If you know or think you know, let me know!!!

Listen Up: Reading for a Lifetime

I adore books. I love the stories within and the travels they take me on. I appreciate authors. They write and hand off the story to a willing audience. I receive and am delivered to another place and time.

audiobooks at my libraryIn the past two month I’ve read the following books:

  • The Sweet Potato Queens by Jill Conner Browne
  • The Red Garden by Alice Hoffman
  • Room by Emma Donoghue
  • Not My Daughter by Barbara Delinsky
  • Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann
  • The 6th Man by David Balduci
  • One Amazing Thing by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
  • The Unlikely Disciple: A sinner’s semester at America’s holiest university by Kevin Roose

Ok, in actuality, I listened to most of them on cd while I drove to work, cleaned my house, took walks or worked out. I was handed The Unlikely Disciple in paperback format and it took forever to read. I don’t have time to sit still.

But while I’m in motion – oh my, let me have my way with them.

In a recent blog post titled “Audio books are not cheating” the author contents that by the time she has the freedom to relax and read, it’s the end of the day and she’s exhausted. I agree.

What I most love about audio books is that I can’t cheat. If I’m reading a book and the author expounds on the drapery, gets too deep into philosophy or the scene is too creepy, I usually skim the page and get to a new section with more dialogue and less description.

When listening to an audio book, I never fast forward because I could miss something important and regret it and then have to backtrack. I’ve found that I remember an audio book with a clarity and awareness that I don’t have with a book. I welcome stop signs, red lights and going slow so I can hear just one more chapter or tale.

When I check out audio books from the library, I often check out 4-5 books just in case I don’t like the 1) bo0k, 2) reader’s voice 3) the cds have scratches and tend to skip and 4) in case I’ve already heard it before.

So, that’s my story – and I’m sticking to it!

Laughter into My Old Age

Ahh Sunday …

Clean sheets
This image was found on Pinterest.com

I changed the sheets on my bed this morning and my wrinkle-free bed looked lovely. As I yanked the clean pillowcases from the laundry basket I saw (to my dismay) the top sheet mingled with towels and socks.

Drats. No wonder it was so quick and easy!

Another joy bubble … causing me to laugh at myself.

I have to write these things down now so when I’m old and bored, I can reread and relive the experiences.

Of course, I’ll be laughing so hard that I’ll be a happy magnet!

Ever have days like these?

Our Time is Limited: Find Joy Bubbles

I love this quote from Steve Jobs. Our time is limited and therefore it’s good that we make a point of finding the joy bubbles in each and every day. Not just the big days like Thanksgiving but the small kernels that fall to the ground on a moment to  moment basis.

One kernel that I give myself is laughter. I’m always laughing and it’s usually at something silly that I’ve done, said, forgotten to do or failed to remember. I also like to tell others about the silly things I did and in the retelling, I continue to laugh. What else is there?

Until we go easy on ourselves, enjoy our own company and relax – everything will be an uphill battle.

Best of all, when we lighten up and laugh as a first response – everything feels easier.

Laughter as a response… what a lovely idea!

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If you know of other laughter related sites, send me the link and let me giggle all over again!

I hope there’s a smile on your face right about now!


Black Friday Shopping

I won’t be shopping tomorrow, will you?

I’ll exercise, clean, visit some friends, visit a library and enjoy a day off from work.

christmas presentBut I won’t be joining the throngs of people shopping. It doesn’t suit me. I’d rather visit small shops that have unique gifts throughout the year. I’d rather print photos and frame them. I’d rather shop when stores are empty.

Christmas can be overwhelming if we listen to the news, watch the commercials, read the ads and buy into it all.

Or Christmas and the holidays can be sweet and memorable without huge debt and guilt.

The time to make the choice is right now — will you be naughty or nice?

Giving Thanks at the Inside Out Cafe

Welcome to the Inside-Out Café and Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

A special welcome is extended you all who do not have place to gather on Thanksgiving Day. To those who may be single, divorced, widowed, students, travellers, homeless, or just alone for one reason or another.

homemade apple pieI extend a welcome to all who wish they were with family but because of death, distance, disgruntlement or other circumstances, you are alone.

On this day, in this wonderful café, I offer you a feast to remember all year long.

Let’s skip all those appetizers that fill you up and take away from the main course… our friend Tom the Turkey. Tom is filled to bursting with sausage stuffing that my momma used to make the night before each Thanksgiving.

In addition to Tom you’ll feast on tasty sausage stuffing, mashed potatoes and roast potatoes, sweet buttered corn, broccoli, and a huge salad. You can also choose from a variety of hot rolls with soft butter and set yourself down for a meal, conversation, and tons of laughter.

Once the meal is over, you’re not finished. In the next room are tables set up with games. Pick your favorite and join in. Scrabble, Monopoly, Dominos, Checkers, Poker, Gin Rummy and Hearts are the popular games but keep looking for one that you love. Stick around for a bit for the dessert wagon to roll on in.

On my dessert wagon are the basic Thanksgiving Day desserts… the ones my momma used to make. Pumpkin, Mincemeat, Apple and Lemon pies. I think I’ll also make some cherry and apple turnovers. Grab some coffee and stick around. The memories are in the making.

When the day is done, the cards are put away and the door is closed, I hope you leave with a full belly and a wide smile.

That’s my idea of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving: A Day Like No Other

In the United States we celebrate Thanksgiving Day on the last Thursday of November. That’s less than a week away.

Give thanks bannerGrowing up, it was always a favorite time for me because of all the food (turkey is my favorite), my mom made pies (this was a ‘holiday-only’ treat), lots of family gathered and there was a festive feeling in the air. When the meal was over, the table was cleared and the poker games began. The laughter, yelling and cigarette smoke are in my memory cells.

Moving away from that scene was hard on me. I adored the large gathering of people and I missed that aspect because my clan numbered 4 instead of 24. It never felt right cooking a big turkey (yes, my favorite) for 4.

Over the years my clan has dwindled and I’ve been warmly invited into a new brood – one with lots of noise, people and hugs. And guess what I miss? Cooking that big turkey (uh huh, my favorite). I want to have my own celebration – with friends coming by and bringing food. I want to have the noise and festive atmosphere – right here.

So, if you’re around with no place to go – make a pie and bring it by.

I’ll warm you up a plate and save you a chair.

And we can share our words of gratitude together.


Blue Skies and Unrest

Blue skies are part of the scene here in Colorado again. Wide open skies, vast views, mountains scenes and for me, a sense of unreality. The view has become part of my world and I welcome it. I adore the colder weather and the unfolding of the new season. Sort of…

Rocky Mountains view from Highland Lake, Mead ColoradoI am still trying to get a handle on the passage of time. It appears to be flying by at top speeds as we approach 2012. Now, I ask you – how can that be? Weren’t we all either fretting or ‘tsking the 1999-2000 millinimum crisis? Wasn’t Sept 2001 something that we bookmarked? And here we are, more than a decade later!

Time is like the weather — it doesn’t care… it just is. It comes, it goes. The sun rises, the sun sets. Whether we’re happy, healthy, wealthy and wise or depressed, sickly, poor and stupid – time will continue to pass.

It’s what we do in the meantime, isn’t it? It’s the art we create, the children we rear, the books we read and the lessons we learn and so much more.

It’s getting comfortable in our own skin and feeling a sense of peace that grows within.

Time … I want to hold it in my hand and release it ever so slowly, like a balloon.

And I want to embrace it like a lover.

And I want to capture it for tomorrow. Want, want, want…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

One year I attended a conference in Chicago in March.

What a surprise to arrive and see the city decked out in green!
Truly, the river was green – it was an amazing sight to behold!

Chicago river on St Patricks Day

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

All I had to do was look out my window and see the wonder of a Colorado Sunrise in November! Enjoy the view…

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