Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

Art is sometimes hidden right in front of you!

art in trees

Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

3 kids hiding under a tree – Who would have thought I would ever find them?
Sometimes it’s so simple when you’re a kid.
Hiding-Seek is easy when you find your hiding place and close your eyes!

Kids hiding under a tree branch


Something wonderful…

one amazing thingI listened to a seminar today about the beauty of living in a positive manner. There were so many benefits including better health, strong relationships, and many more friends.

Laughing, singing, dancing, walking — all add up to a more healthy body.

The other aspect of being positive is people want to be around you. You become a magnet and as others engage with you  — everyone benefits.

We all know know and love positive people –  in fact, you’re probably one of them. If so, leave me a comment and tell me something wonderful that is about to happen to you!

Snow Day Today (Oct 26!) Yippee!

snowmanThe first snow of the season came through my neighborhood during the week hours of the morning taking down aspen branches and painting the neighborhood white.
Eight inches of heavy wet snow are still falling and the temperatures continue to drop.

It’s pretty out there … even more so when I know I don’t have to leave my house. It’s a snow day today and I am smiling.

We all need a snow day now and then, don’t we?

What shall I do today?

  • 5:30 am Shake my trees and branches and hope they don’t snap with the weight of the heavy wet snow
  • 8:00 – 10:00 am Blackboard Collaborate meeting (the beauty of online webinars!)
  • 10:00- 11:00 am Dance/Exercise in my studio (aka basement)
  • 11:00- 11:55 am Learn how to use Club Runner
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 12:30 pm Shovel the driveway and sidewalk
  • 1:00 – 1:50 Back to Clubrunner
  • Take a walk
  • Read my book (One Amazing Thing)
  • Decide what other things I want to do!

A bit of work, a bit of play and lots of NO DRIVING!



One Amazing Thing by Chitra Divakuruni

Someone gave me a newsletter with a list of books to read and authors on the verge. You’ve seen them – read this romance, read that mystery, buy this book…

One Amazing Thing by Chitra Banerjee DivakaruniIn the newsletter was a write-up about a book called One Amazing Thing by Chitra Divakuruni. In this story, nine strangers are in the Indian consulate’s office of an American city to apply for visas for their trips to India when an earthquake strikes, leaving them all trapped together. The doorways were blocked, bodies were injured, food was limited and tension was high.

Then a suggestion by a young grad student to share a story about themselves to help pass the time, unite the group and distract them from being buried below ground.

I liked the flow of the words and the way the storied unfold. Read the book. Then tell me what you thought, ok?

The best part about Sundays

What I love about Sunday is the freedom:
To read the paper or take a hike.
To chat with family or clean my garage.
To make a big breakfast or just munch on toast.
To write a blog post or catch up on others.
To make my bed or not.
To sit on my porch and catch some sun rays.
To read a book or take a walk.

Sundays are gifts we give to ourselves.

What do you like to do on Sundays?

Dance in the Rain

dance in the rain quote

Life is so much fun and yet there are some times when the  downs are too heavy and the ups too few.

It’s like taking lemons and making lemonade so that the bitter becomes sweet. It’s a way of life for some people – finding the good in all situations.

We get sick, we get well.
We get jobs, we get laid off.
We find what works and we not only dance in the rain, we chuckle…

And life goes on.

What do you do when the going gets tough?

Life Lessons Everywhere!

While we try to teach our children about life ...When we do allow the little ones to teach us, we find out what truly matters!

  • The dishes can wait so we can watch the airplane flying high in the sky.
  • The television is no replacement for one-on-one time.
  • Play is a four letter word – one of the GOOD ones.
  • Be silly.
  • Accept praise via hugs, kisses and gold stars.
  • Sing (off-key is fine).

Just be present.


Workout Challenge during the Holiday Zone

As I ponder my good health, I am in awe of people who take their fitness to the next level. I may not be there yet ...And I’m in awe of those who restrict calorie intake so their bodies can be in the right fat zone.

Working out is the easy part for me. I like to move my body. Restricting food is not easy for me. I know that if it’s there, in front of me, it was meant for my consumption.

And I also know that when I work with someone (a workout buddy) I am more tuned in and focused. I suppose the buddy system goes for everything – like Postaday2011. We said we’d do it and we show up and write.

I’m looking for a virtual buddy or two who wants to stay healthy, focused and challenged over the next 3 months (yes, to get us through the holidays). We’ll set our own goals then help each other attain them. And we’ll continue to blog, work, play and all the other fun things in our world.

Shall we?