The book was interesting…

Ever write a book report as a child and use this term… “the book was interesting.”

I know I did anlibrary booksd even as I did it, I wondered what other words I could use instead. I didn’t have a computer and if I did, I didn’t know that if you clicked Ctrl + F7 (on a pc) that would take me to a thesaurus. I didn’t know or understand the value of a thesaurus back then. Now, I use Ctrl + F7 all the time. It helps me keep my words varied, fresh and yes … interesting.

“The book was inspirational in a unique way…”

10 thoughts on “The book was interesting…

  1. Yes, the CTRL + F7 key take you right to the thesaursas and the words that you were looking for there are there just waiting for you. I’m not sure what keys you’d use on a Mac but the function is there. Happy writing!


  2. I like using words in a casual, everyday way. I think people understand and follow along when it feels as if I’m conversing with them. What I detest writing are academic papers and white papers – how tedious they are!


  3. I call white papers, etc., painting without color or writing without using adjectives. Dry and boring.
    Yes, the thesaurus is my friend. What’s happened to us, I think, is that we fall into a speech comfort zone. We use the same words over and over without remembering that we have this handy tool right at our fingertips.
    Thanks for reminding me of the keystrokes — I’ve become so reliant on the icons I’ve forgotten they’re there.


  4. I grew up never knowing what a thesaurus was, much to my detriment. When I taught 5th grade, I insisted that students get a small pocket dictionary and a matching thesaurus. I kept the big tomes in the classroom. By the end of the year, my students had become proficient in the use of both, and creative writers as well!


  5. I wouldn’t be able to survive without the thesaurus option on my pc. I am in the middle of writing an academic paper and I keep having to re-write because I’m writng well, too interesting. Love the photo by the way. I love books!


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