What shall we learn today?

Have you ever blogged? Ever read a blog? I believe that bloggers are part of the cutting edge learners and teachers. We use a new medium to share thoughts, art, learning, content, photos, videos and so much more.

The content we share is ‘in the moment’ unlike newspapers and textbooks which are already outdated before they are read or sold.

Online collaboration can be the best method of learning possible. The collaboration platforms (Skype, Collobrate, Illuminate, Oovoo and many more) allow us to connect using audio and/or video instead of using the written word.

Podcasts are a great way to learn new information, whether it’s how to paint a house, fix the sink, write an essay, understand your child, get a laugh, learn a new language, improve your finances, enhance a marriage, raise your teens, find a soul mate, lift weights, eat right – you’ll find that and more when you listen to audio and video podcasts. All free, all amazing!

The web is vast… where shall we go next?


10 thoughts on “What shall we learn today?

  1. I’ve never used Skype, but I plan to become proficient with it for personal and professional reasons. I am sure that technology will continue to bring us new, innovative products and ideas that if used in the best way with the best intents, will have a lot to offer us.


  2. All great mediums to help us connect, collaborate, and communicate… all these wonderful technologies, but not enough hours in a day to use them all. Maybe chips in the brain will be next. You think the thought, craft the post and it gets delivered instantly… 🙂
    Finally catching up again… where did the time go? Phew! 🙂


  3. Hi Steph,

    We bloggers have this longing to write, to display our art, to comment, suggest, invite, initiate and grow. It’s something I’ve seen in your blog, my blog and with my blogging friends. There’s a richness in this online community that is vibrant and beautiful!


  4. I keep thinking we need to have an online conference where we all logon and have a group chat. That would be fun. A tool to accomplish that would be something like Collaborate or Elluminate. I am certain we will be connecting in the next year!


  5. Using technology, blogs, wikis, discussion boards, Skype, podcasts, images, and connecting with classes across the world is where the learning will truly take place. Break down the walls and let the learning begin!


  6. Skype is like this AMAZING gift, isn’t it? The computer becomes a connection to family and friends across the miles or across the world! I still visualize Jane Jetson sitting in front of her computer talking to someone far away! Now we just need those jet packs to get us from here to there!


  7. I agree that there is so much technology and time slips away. I am still in awe of FAX machines. How does that happen? Now we can sit and see each other over the miles and converse for FREE! I love it all…


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