We don’t stop playing because we get old …

With the 9/11 anniversary and reminders and sharing and sadness from so many of my blogging friends, I wanted to bring a bit of lightheartedness into this post. A morning of fun at the library, followed by a visit to the park, home for lunch and a 2 hour nap. Can life get any sweeter? I hope this makes you smile …

princess nana and prince chazWe don’t stop playing because we get old …
We get old because we stop playing.

An adventure at the library let the inner princess in me come out full force. Saving my Prince from crocodiles and letting him save me from bears and monsters was a blissful reminder of days gone by when I did these things with my sons. I don’t think my mom had time to play with me but that’s what an imagination is for, right?

Prince ChazThe Johnstown, Colorado library has a castle motif that is ripe for children (of all ages!)  to enter and enjoy. There’s a bridge, moat and castle walls. It’s truly a fairy tale haven!


  1. You’re correct – maybe we just misplaced it and then forgot that it ever existed. Watching children play is a great way to remind us and bring it to the forefront!


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