Empty Bowl becomes a Friendship Bowl

When I began blogging I felt like my site was like an empty bowl. I was confident that it would fill up, that I’d find something to write about, that someone would join in and read my blogs and as the bowl emptied, it would fill time and again.empty bowl

That is what has happened. Just recently some of my blogger friends have been sharing what they do when they’re in a slump. Some plow through it, others move, some write, others indulge in chocolate (ok, that one was me …) and on and on.

The idea that one can post about something and others can chime in with help is a beautiful thing. Unseen friends from across the nation and over the oceans are there with fingers at the ready to offer support and help.

A blogger community has grown and continues to grow. Having the courage to write about one’s health, a dying family member, an employment issue, weight problems, homesickness and our hopes, dreams and despair is bold and embracing in so many ways.

Adding insight, asking questions, offering praises and appreciation is a way to help others fill their empty bowls. And in turn, they help me fill mine.

A warm hug to my community of wonderful bloggers, friends and colleagues!

~ Marge ~

14 thoughts on “Empty Bowl becomes a Friendship Bowl

  1. yes, it’s cool Marge! You were one of the first, if not The first, I connected with here in WP. We were so enthusiastic.

    The bowl is a wonderful thing! ❤


  2. I agree, the bowl is a wonderful thing! Especially when we are there to help fill each others’ bowl with ideas, comments, questions and hope. Hope is probably the best one of all!


  3. Yes it is a wonderful community….I never expected to be found by anyone much less the “cool, interesting folk” who found me and in turn I found them….I like to say that you’ll were lost in my world and now you are found!


  4. I love when I read something from your post or another’s and that reminds me of something I want to share as well. It’s the refilling from yours to mine and from mine to yours!


  5. Marge,

    I love the bowl! It got my attention as I was meandering through one list or another. Also enjoyed your other photographs…the Irish cottage for example.

    I’m getting reacquainted with all this, been away for several months. I was glad to see you had continued. I look forward to future readings and photos.


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