Say Good Bye to August!

Some how … some way – August 2011 has come and gone. All those things I planned to do, see, taste, smell and experience have either come to pass or have been left in the dust.

I focused on my reading, on exercise, blogging (not as faithful as previous months) and being with my grandson. I continued to take photos, write emails and make phone calls as a way to stay connected to family and friends.

And still somehow, August is closing the door and I slowly flip the calendar page to stare at September’s boxes. Can we have a do-over?

Did you make any memories in August? Care to share?

5 thoughts on “Say Good Bye to August!

  1. August was good I think…I was home a lot…biked a lot, gardened. Read some good books, Soul of Nowhere by Craig Childs the latest one. Dawn’s Light, Diane Ackerman my very favorite one.

    welcome Sept!


  2. August seems to have come and gone in the blink of an eye. We have little summer weather, mostly rain, so not much in way of outdoor activities here.


  3. I hardly did any gardening and boy does it show! Ugh! I did read some books — ROOM by Emma Donoguhe and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and Kabul Beauty School…


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