10 thoughts on “Live the life you imagined…

  1. The ending of this post made me laugh out loud (my first grade teacher was Sister Theresa and would’ve probably done the same thing). Just imagine that a little more than a century ago, women had to use pen names to hide their gender in order to be published. Now, with a click of a button, we are all our own publishers! Who would have imagined!


  2. I agree that blogging has broadened the horizons. I knew exactly what I wanted to do – but when I got there I knew it was wrong for me! The latter part of my life has been so much better since I settled into the role I should have had in the first instance. And blogging is part of that!


  3. I love teaching, training, writing, walking, entertaining, learning, growing, and movement. What does that look like in my future? I’m not sure.

    But I do want to have a big blogging party and try to get all of us on a system at one time. That would be fun! Oh yes, I like creating reasons to gather together.


  4. Learning what works and what path NOT to take is huge, isn’t it? I have lots of pieces that I want to incorporate into my world but am not sure what form it will take. So, I keep plugging away!


  5. That’s funny, she definitely would have washed your mouth out!
    Actually, now that I think about it, the first job that fascinated me was traveling. I went to the airport — I can still see it in my mind now and feel the atmosphere there — and was fascinated by the planes. I couldn’t imagine how they could take people up into the clouds (where there are no streets) and then bring them to another place. I wanted to see what that was like. So I guess I’ve always been interested in traveling.
    I’ve meandered my way through several ‘careers’ but traveling has always been part of my life. Surprisingly enough, I didn’t want to be a flight attendant and I knew enough to know I didn’t want to be a pilot either. I just wanted to travel and have a lot since I was in my teens. I guess I’ve come full circle.


  6. It’s fun to have a path and to know which parts work and which don’t feel good at all. There are so many aspects to travel and you seem to have found your niche! Traveling, writing about travel, describing the people, sights, smells and tastes of the area is a wonderful way to share your adventures with the rest of us!

    Now we have to plan a virtual meeting with all of us!

    Great chatting with you — Marge


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