Crickets and a cat

I woke early this morning to the sounds of crickets and a cat. The crickets were happy with their singing, gossiping, and sharing. The cat wanted in. Since I don’t have a cat, I had to listen to him/her cry to be let in. This happens every morning… the crickets and cat.

Some people hear the milkman drive by or cars warming up — I hear the crickets and cat symphony.

ONE might think that this cat could have easier access to his/her castle but then ONE’s window isn’t facing the door where the cat is sitting.

And so it goes. Sounds in the night. Sometimes too many sounds, sometimes too early in the morning.

Sometimes a blog post is just a blog post, huh?

7 thoughts on “Crickets and a cat

  1. doesn’t the cat ever get fed up since he’s never let in?!

    Most often my wake-up sound is sirens from the nearby fire house. Must be the busiest station in the whole city. No rest there..always on the go. They’re my heroes.


  2. This is the most tenacious cat in the universe. Meow …. 5 seconds…. meow …. 5 seconds…. meow ….
    He is eventually let in but at the time table of the owner who sleeps away!

    Nice to have heroes in the neighborhood!


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