Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance (to an abandoned Irish cottage)

Entrance to an Irish HomesteadIn Ireland, the countryside is littered with abandoned cottages. These buildings once housed entire families for generations but now are crumbling eyesores.

In the boom years, the Irish build new houses on their property and left these to erode with the seasons. Unfortunately, with the decline of each cottage, we lose a bit of history. The family that lived on the land may have moved to better accommodations but the extended family is left without a story.

Imagine – for a moment – that each county – clan – or family worked to restore a cottage or two. Now image working with organizations – bicycle groups, walkers, Study Abroad Students, marathoners, quilters, photographers, book groups, historians (to name a few) who might want to visit the cottages and learn the history of the family, village, community, churches, etc.

Bus tours could roam from county to county to visit the churches and cottages. Gift shops, restaurants, businesses and such could grow again with a focus on Ireland.

I say – Go for it – then send me an invite and I’ll be there!

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance (to an abandoned Irish cottage)

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  2. You know – I think it would really take off – it would take some hard work getting the cottages back into shape but the local communities would really benefit! It would drive tourists to them and keep them there over night if there were other activities (music in the pub, arts and craft show, wool gathering …)


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  4. Very interesting idea. Trouble is, often these things are not valued until it’s too late. Where I live in La Palma, Canary Islands, it’s the same – lots of very beautiful old houses but empty and falling into dis-repair.


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