Weekly Photos Challenge: Entrance

Took a lovely tour inside Cabra Castle in Ireland last year. I felt like a queen sitting on these steps!

woman sitting on red carpetCabra Castle is less than an hours drive from Dublin Airport, and is the perfect location for a weekend break in an Irish castle. The castle is situated in the wonderful County of Cavan, which features a variety of activities and places to visit.

entrance to Cabra Castle in County Cavan Ireland


The Two Cabra Castles, and the Pratt Family
(1699 – 1964)

The original Cabra Castle, the ruins of which still stand on high ground above the Wishing Well – not far from Cromwell’s Bridge, was situated to the west of the Kingscourt – Carrickmacross Road.

The Castle and the land surrounding it is believed to have belonged to the O’Reilly Family until it was confiscated in the mid 17th century by Cromwell’s orders and given to Colonel Thomas Cooch. Colonel T. Cooch was born in Donegal in 1632 and was the grandson of Sir Thomas Cooch K.C. Sir Thomas Cooch K.C. had migrated to Ireland very early in the 17th century and was given a grant of 1,000 acres in Donegal by James 1.

Colonel Thomas Cooch, first owner of Cabra Estate, married Elizabeth Mervyn, sister of Audley Mervyn (Speaker of the Irish House of Commons), and they had an only daughter and heiress, Elizabeth. >>Read More

13 thoughts on “Weekly Photos Challenge: Entrance

  1. This is Castle Cabra in County Cavan. It was one of the first places on the list!
    Another wonderful place we visited was Donegal to see the Famine Museum! What a great presentation of Ireland then and now – many similarities (minus the famine) of Irish leaving because the economy tanked so badly.

    Also learned to ask for ‘traditional Irish music’ otherwise you’ll find yourself at a pub listening to the Beatles or John Denver!


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  3. It’s an opportunity to have links or pingbacks here on wordpress because they take me to places far from my homeland. I admire the castle you have for this post, Ma’am. It’s something we don’t have and probably never will see here in the Philippines. Thanks for sharing it!


  4. I only read this in fairy tale books. Now I see a real castle with a lady worthy to be a Queen to boot. Love the photo. The entrance makes me imagine of magical adventures as soon as I venture into the castle.


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