Say Good Bye to August!

Some how … some way – August 2011 has come and gone. All those things I planned to do, see, taste, smell and experience have either come to pass or have been left in the dust.

I focused on my reading, on exercise, blogging (not as faithful as previous months) and being with my grandson. I continued to take photos, write emails and make phone calls as a way to stay connected to family and friends.

And still somehow, August is closing the door and I slowly flip the calendar page to stare at September’s boxes. Can we have a do-over?

Did you make any memories in August? Care to share?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

Downtown Chicago LibrarySome people visit museums, others visit churches, and still others visit stadiums. I visit libraries. They are all so unique and solid and each have a unique flavor and history.

Downtown Chicago LibraryImagine my delight when I was in Chicago and visited the Downtown Chicago Public Library – it was wonderful.Downtown Chicago LibraryTake the elevator to the top floor and look around. There’s a room with a glass ceiling where you can look up at the Sears Tower!

Downtown Chicago LibraryThe room is used for recitals, weddings, award ceremonies and such. It was a wonderful find on my part and I long to go back and visit again.

Built in 1873, this building must be a haven for art and architecture students. The building is rich in history and located right in the heart of downtown.

Lucky me to ‘find’ this amazing place!

Have you ever been here?

Crickets and a cat

I woke early this morning to the sounds of crickets and a cat. The crickets were happy with their singing, gossiping, and sharing. The cat wanted in. Since I don’t have a cat, I had to listen to him/her cry to be let in. This happens every morning… the crickets and cat.

Some people hear the milkman drive by or cars warming up — I hear the crickets and cat symphony.

ONE might think that this cat could have easier access to his/her castle but then ONE’s window isn’t facing the door where the cat is sitting.

And so it goes. Sounds in the night. Sometimes too many sounds, sometimes too early in the morning.

Sometimes a blog post is just a blog post, huh?

Burp in the road…

Sure, one would think I meant bump in the road… but alas.
A burp in the road got me thinking-
Those experiences happen and go unnoticed-

Who cares about those burps in the road, those twings and twitches?
They are the composition of our dailyness.
Some would say … How boring.
Perhaps they’re right –
However, that’s not the answer.
The dailyness of burps and twitches reflect time gone by.

Ignore and still the burps come.
Time doesn’t judge.
And besides, the burps in the road are kind of fun, huh?

A story in 6 words…

The WordPress challenge is to write a story in 6 words.So I wrote 6 stories with 6 six words…

Made him cry; are you satisfied?

Wondering whether to leave or stay.

Try it, for free, this time.

Even though he spoke, I cried.

The unwrapped gift came for you.

Say goodnight, it’s time for bed.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Flower

Mountain flower
Mountain flower

Flowers are all over the hillsides in the Rocky Mountains. Stopping to appreciate how hard it is for them to push through the old pine needles and erupt into a flower is a simple task yet often forgotten.

Rocky Mountain flower

Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance (into a new life?)

bride and groon walking with bicycleI took this photo in Doagh Famine Village in County Donegal, Ireland. The image was pretty powerful and I felt the message was that this couple will survive or die fighting. Wouldn’t you love to hear their story?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance (to the other side)

entrance to cemetary in IrelandVisiting cemeteries in Ireland was as normal as visiting churches, pubs and gift shops. The history shared on the gravestones made you wonder about the babies and parents that died on the same day. Or the stones that included a poem, love story or gave location of where the person traveled.

Cemeteries are well-kept, the grass is trimmed and flowers are blooming. The Irish dead are revered today, as they were decades ago.

Burke gravestone in irelandThe family tells it’s story on the gravestone. This cemetery is where my mother’s family was buried. It was a very special afternoon …