Slow Down, You’re Moving Too Fast

… and feeling groovy!

My name is Marge.

I am a multitasker. When I go to conferences, I hope to learn just one thing.
But when I work, I do many things at once.
I have many applications open and tasks that I am juggling.
I am formatting photos, editing words and checking messages.
I am downloading videos, saving documents and opening tool boxes.
I am answering questions, making calls and editing clips.

I think there is a 12 step program for people like me.

1. I admit that my life has become unmanageable.
2. I believe there is a power higher than mine that can help restore my sanity. In my case, this power is nature, sunshine and movement.
3. I turn my life over to nature and the Universe, knowing I will be welcomed.
4. I understand that my work is temporary. It comes and goes according to funding. To needs. To the whims of those that come and go. My work is not my life and my life is not my work (so profound, Marge.)
5. More steps to follow

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16 thoughts on “Slow Down, You’re Moving Too Fast

  1. How often didn’t I think of this while I was still working. Worked in hospitals … when the computer wasn’t fast enough to bring up the file I’d requested, I started tapping my fingers … mumbling — and finally reminding myself when I had to actually walk down to the archive in the basement and GET the REAL file… Here, I had to wait five, maybe ten, seconds and already felt stressed. I began to realize that something’s wrong with this equation.

    The worst thing is, that I still feel the same way when a webpage doesn’t load fast enough … even though I have nothing else to do but to sit here…

    However … if THIS is my worst problem … then I’m pretty fortunate 🙂

    Take it easy! *smiles*


  2. You’re right, Marge. We *are* moving too fast, juggling too many balls. I don’t even remember the time when I did only one thing. I’m also looking for a way to slow down. Thanks for the tips, looking forward to the next steps.


  3. starbear

    Not multi tasking – monitor died, thus no blogging. When I multi-task as in your description, I do well at less. When not multi-tasking, I feel too slow, as if I will never catch up… and yet, one step at a time… does a snail multi-task as it moves? Are we not always multi-tasking? Breathing and walking, seeing, hearing, smelling, writing, thinking simultaneously? We are always multi-tasking… is it simply a choice of which tasks? Thought provoking, as always! Thank you!


  4. I listen to books on tape when I drive (yes, more multi tasking!) and the enjoyment of the book makes the trip wonderful. Red lights and slow traffic are ok because I am loving the story. You’re right about recognizing the time issue associated with computers. Remember ‘dial-up’ connections? Ugh! And yet, we were in awe of what happened when we were connected! We are both very fortunate! Easy Peasy on this end!


  5. Funny, when we say yes … it’s exciting but tends to make life unmanageable. Attending classes, writing blogs, attending conferences, connecting with friends, shopping, and all the things that make our lives so rich – can also make our lives stressed. But admitting this is step 1! We’re on the way to recovery!


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