My ‘MacBookPro’ Learning Curve is Sky HIGH!

MacBook Pro at the desktop.
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Ok, so this is the deal. I have this job where staff and faculty come to me for answers. Some of these people use a Mac and want help. I don’t use a Mac … sooooo.

The learning curve I’m on right now is STEEP! The thing that’s kicking my butt is learning how to use a Mac from scratch. I have a MacBook Pro and there are some things I need help with.

1. After I take photos, I take my chip out of the camera and slip it into the left side of this laptop… but then nothing happens. With Dell laptop, a folder pops up and I can copy my photos from the chip to the desktop. Can you help me?

2. When I want to erase what I just wrote, I can only use the delete key and it erases from the right to the left. Using my Dell, I can put my cursor in front of the word and delete the letters, words, sentences from the right and left. Am I just missing something?

3. Where are my folders? I am lost!

4. Is there a way to return to the desktop immediately? On my Dell, I can use the Windows icon and the letter D to return right away.

5. When I’m in MacWord, the font is so tiny – how do I increase the size for my viewing pleasure?

6. The edge of the laptop rubs against my wrists – they have burn like marks on them. UGH! Any suggestions?

Know where I can turn for help?

I found IPhotos which is the folder that houses pictures. Yippee!
I know how to Open, Close and Minimize windows.
I know how to find the clock and set my local weather.
And I know I have so much more to learn!

Feel free to answer any questions that I’ve listed above!

6 thoughts on “My ‘MacBookPro’ Learning Curve is Sky HIGH!

  1. I certainly hope someone with a Mac reads this. You know … all these years I’ve been online and all that — I’ve NEVER come in contact with a Mac!!! I know nothing.

    Do you really take the chip out of your camera?! I’ve never done that. I use the USB-cord…


  2. I don’t have a MAC but Tess and Greg do and they go to the store for one on one classes when they have questions. I’ve used Greg’s a few times and find the same issues….especially the editing text you are typing!

    good luck!


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