Learn Just One Thing

I’ve been to many conferences, listened to many speakers, read the books, walked the walk, etc. It’s so disappointing to pay big bucks and listen to a speaker and think “I already knew that and in fact, I know much more than the speaker does.”

When I learn one thing – yes, just one thing, then I know it was a good day.

The thing is  … I already know all this stuff. You probably do too. But when we hear something new or hear it again and it resonates … then it’s wonderful.

Have you ever had someone teach you something – like how to use a new tool or software and the the learning is great but when there’s too much material, overload sets in and the brain zones out? Hence – learning one new thing that you will use, apply and tell others about is the best of all.

Tomorrow you can learn one more thing and I can learn as well. I’m in a place where there’s a STEEP learning curve and I’m full of questions.

I also have issues with everyday things. Like the MPG of my car and multi-tasking issues. Oh, my, the  list goes on and on!

And each day I’ll share with you something I’ve learned, something I need to learn or something I want to share.

Are you ready?

Author: Margekatherine

Missing my grandkids but loving everything about life here in glorious Colorado!

15 thoughts on “Learn Just One Thing”

    1. So very glad to hear you’re on board! I already learn from your blog – you remind me to look at things I used to easily dismiss and think about new colors, styles and designs.

      I also love the affordable way you clothe yourself. In many magagines (Oprah for one) the fashions are outrageously expensive! Who can spend that kind of money on purse, scarf or necklace? — Oh yeah – Oprah can!

  1. Oh I’m game for that! 🙂

    I know so well what you’re talking about. Not that I’ve paid any big bucks, but I’ve sat through endless days of those motivational speakers. Where I worked, before I left, at least twice a year, they shut down the clinic for one whole day for some kind of …. retreat, or whatever. Then they had a motivational speaker … different ones most of the times. They talked about goals all the time, and most of us were sitting there thinking that our work load wouldn’t go away while we were sitting there…

    1. Yes, it was a nutty scene when the company wanted to do right by you but instead you had to do double duty – the seminar and the work load… and you retained nothing!

      That’s what I love about reading blogs – some days everything is amazing and worth bookmarking and the kernel of information is worth repeating. And then other days … nothing clicks.

      I love when you post – thanks!

  2. My mother (now 93) used to say ‘learn something new every day and show it to someone else tomorrow.’ Looking forward to seeing what you are learning today.

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