Therapy in Motion

Often times, for me, a hike is all about movement, therapy and meditation.

My hike last week was to a 11,400 ft. summit of Twin Sisters in Rocky Mountain National Park. There are 54 mountain peaks that are 14,000 feet or more but I took the lazy day hike and only hiked 9+miles. The first 3 miles up was sort of boring. The trail was in the trees with a limited view (of anything)  but at least the trail was cool and shady. Once the sun came out, the hiking got hot and humid and the mosquitoes came out in full force. It was nasty until I realized I had one of those bug repellant wet wipes in my pack. Oh, my, life was good again!

view of longs peak from twin sisters peak

Near the top, above timberline there’s nothing to interrupt the view – it’s all mountains and sky!

Twin Sisters Summit

When the trees disappeared, a boulder field was waiting for me to cross. When a storm is in the area, it’s best to stay far away from the exposed area but this was a perfect hiking day with blue skies and puffy clouds.

On the boulder field, others left stone markers, called cairns to help me stay on the trail.  This small pile of rocks were like beacons and I was able to find my way to the summit easily.
cairn - pile of stones used as a marker on a trailThe summit was rocky and rigid. The others at the top balanced on the rocks as they took pictures, ate lunch, and just relaxed after the long haul up.

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I probably won’t hike that mountain again – the view was limited and there was no water source.  I like when I can see, feel and get energized by flowing water.

So, where shall we go next?

12 thoughts on “Therapy in Motion

  1. You go girl! Gotta love those cairns… hmm, rings a bell… 🙂 Me, I’ll stick to my cushy pine needle covered trails for now… but your vistas are wondeful. Thank you for sharing them! Where to go next? How about the Porcupine Mountains here? Lots of water nearby…
    How long did this take and do you hike alone?


  2. In spite of the lack of flowing water … that must have been an awesome sight …. the mountains, the sky!!! Beautiful pictures! I bet you slept well after that one…

    Love the cairns!


  3. I would love to hike the pine needle covered trails – the smell must be heavenly! I usually hike alone and I always stay on the trail — I am directionally-challenged and know better than to trust my instincts! This hike took about 6 hrs total – with water breaks, photo breaks, lunch break and mosquito swatting breaks!


  4. Absolutely stunning! My husband and I went to Rocky Mountain National park for our one year anniversary a while back and we didn’t want to leave. It still is our vacation so far.


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