Neighborhood Popping Contest

Katowice - Fireworks 2
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It’s 10 pm and I’m sitting on my couch watching fireworks.

On my street, my neighbors are blowing off fireworks, and those troublesome ground snakes that make popping sounds. They have sprinklers and some bottle rockets.

One street over, behind my house another family is having a ball. Their fireworks are shooting up and coming down in sprinkles of red, white and blue. They have orange balls that go up and green ones that explode. They have red colors popping out of nowhere followed by a blaze of blue.Their rockets are going about 50 feet in the air and the sky is filled with color then smoke.

They win.

Now, to save face the family on my street needs to go back to the store (in WY of course where you can purchase the ‘good fireworks’) and put out a good chunk of change and buy some explosives to show them up once and for all.

It’s the least they can do, right?

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