The Things You Do

I believe the giving season is every day of the year.

Some of us give when we teach children how to count, how to read numbers, help them learn manners and the joy of singing.

Others give by taking time to walk their dog when they could just put them on a leash and stick them outside their door. Unfortunately, I watch my neighbors do just that… why have a dog if you don’t plan to give it a yard to play, exercise and pee in?

Other people hang out their clothes on sunny days and allow solar power to replace electricity. Besides the crisp feel of the clothes, they smell Great!

Others, like me, love to take photos and share them with others on a regular basis. Take them, print them (Walgreens), share them. Why would someone keep them on a camera forever and ever? Lose the camera and lose the photos. Not me!

We all do something as a way to give back. And it’s usually a daily thing or weekly.

What’s your thing?

8 thoughts on “The Things You Do

  1. starbear

    I work at the local library. I give to people all day long, even tho’ I just learned that. I give people information – about how to find information. I make beautiful signage that informs people how and where to find things, what is happening and when. I give people confidence, smiles, hugs and laughter. I play with my dog – and she gives me joy and laughter in return. I take beautiful pictures of nature and share them with the world, so others who have not been able to see it can begin to appreciate the beauty of the planet. Thanks for asking such a thoughtful question. You give me pause for thought! Thank you!


  2. I try to give my tips on style through my blog. I also give my time by leading Weight Watchers meetings to help people lose weight. But most of all, I give my ears to listen to who ever needs to vent or talk something through. And thank you for motivating me to print my photos!!! I’m so bad at that!!


  3. Wonderful, thought-provoking post. I blog, which gives ME the pleasure of writing every morning. If someone enjoys reading it, so much the better. I take photos … LOTS, every day. I share them in my blog, in FB, in Flickr and more. Same thing as with the blogging — it goes both ways.

    I’ve never printed a photo! I store them meticulously on DVD:s and in Flickr. Each day, I empty the camera so that I have a clean card the next day.


  4. Strange, isn’t it … the amount of ourselves that we give away? It’s not a chore – it’s a gift. The photos, information, open expression that allows people to ask, talk and comment … those things add to the big picture. The picture that makes your day something to look forward to …

    Thanks so much for sharing!


  5. Your fashion tips are so wonderful and your passion shows. Your ability to be a good listener is such a wonderful gift because when people are troubled they often just want to vent. They don’t need a road map or answers — the act of getting the words out of their head and into a safe environment is truly therapeutic. Thanks a bunch for sharing!


  6. Writing is the the gift to self and a gift to others. It’s also a way to remember where we were at one time or another in our lives! I can read a post I wrote and remember my frame of mind and why those words rolled off my fingertips.

    Thanks again — this is fun!


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