Living the Good Old Days

There is so much to be thankful for — birthdays, new years, celebrations, good health, good cheer …

When we’re living the good life, we somehow manage to let it all slip by.

eating popsicles
These are the good old days!

When we’re sick, sore, injured, tired and out of sorts … we long for those healthy days.

Would we have more of them if we woke up with a sense of appreciation each day?
Do we kick ourselves for failing to embrace the normal, everyday-ness of well-being?

Well, the answer is “Yes.”
And to remedy that fault that we seem to have (longing for the good old days when …we’re actually living them) I propose a challenge to you…

That we find the things we’re already doing right and praise them.
Promote the things that people love about us.

Write about our successes as if we were writing a bio The New Yorker or your annual Christmas letter.
Nobody knows them as well as you do.

I once had to write about my accomplishments for a scholarship. I could only do it in the ‘third person’. Silly me.

So, spit it out. Do yourself proud and let others know about the things you value.
Stay tuned and I’ll do the same.

4 thoughts on “Living the Good Old Days

  1. It’s much easier to write in the third person. Easy to use too many ‘I’s’ if you don’t There must be a happy medium, though, I’ll give it a try.


  2. That would be a real challenge to me as a Swedish person. It’s something in our either genetical or cultural set-up NOT to say anything good about ourselves — it’s considered bragging. This phenomenon causes a lot of confusion when communicating with people in other countries. It’s slowly getting better, but my generation is still affected.

    I’ll try hard and think about something that I’m doing right 😀


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